Shimano FC-M580 Stopper Plate

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Compatible with most Shimano Hollowtech II MTB cranks, this is the plastic plate with steel pin that clips over the left crank tightening bolts to help secure the crank on the axle.

See our part 90296 for Road Shimano Hollowtech II cranks.

For use with most MTB hollowtech cranksets including the following:

- Saint FC-M825, FC-M820
- Deore XT FC-M8000, FC-M785, FC-M782, FC-M780, FC-M771-K, FC-M770-10, FC-M770, FC-M761, FC-M760, FC-T8000, FC-T781, FC-T780
- SLX FC-M7000, FC-M677, FC-M675, FC-M672, FC-M670, FC-M665, FC-M660-10, FC-M660
- Zee FC-M645, FC-M640
- FC-M627-B, FC-M627, FC-M622
- Deore FC-M6000, FC-M617, FC-M615, FC-M591, FC-M590-10, FC-M590, FC-M533-K, FC-M532, FC-T6010
- Hone FC-M601-2, FC-M600-3
- Deore LX FC-582, FC-M583-K, FC-M581, FC-M580
- FC-M552, FC-M545, FC-M543-K, FC-M542
- Alivio FC-M4050-B2
- FC-MT700, FC-MT600, FC-MT500-2, FC-MT500, FC-MT200
- FC-T551
- FC-E8050, FC-E8000, FC-E501

For XTR FC-M9020, FC-M985, FC-M980 see our part number 90296.

Shimano Part Number Y1FU98120.

Weight: 1g.