Birzman Velocity Apogee Pump Silver

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This pump features Birzman's "Apogee" valve adaptor - a new and very easy way of attaching your pump to your valve. Good enough to overcome our natural scepticism of "new" pump features...

The advantage of the Apogee system is mainly in dealing with presta valves if you have trouble using the thumblock that most pumps use, without stressing and possibly bending the valve. This one pushes on, then with a little twist to seat the O-ring on the valve stem, it's ready to pump.

Pump Weight: 103g. Shipping Weight: 142g.

The Velocity Apogee Road is a stylish aluminium mini pump that handles high pressure with ease. It is capable of inflating tyres to 160psi. Its extendable hose makes it quicker and easie to inflate tyres than ever before.

The Velocity Apogee Road features the new innovative Snap-It Apogee valve adaptor.

The Velocity Apogee road with its superior design and function is the pump to have with you on the road.

Colour: Silver.

Size: 19cm x 2.7cm.