Wurth Ultra 2040 500ml

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A premium quality multi-purpose penetrant, lubricant and water displacer containing PTFE for long-term lubrication.

Made in China. Weight: 453g.

Suitable for: Cars, commercial vehicles, agricultural and construction industry machinery, boats, generators and in the home.

Features: Loosens seized and rusted parts. Penetrates and lubricates. Prevents squeaking. Contains PTFE for long-term lubrication. Displaces moisture from all electrical systems. Corrosion inhibitors provide long-term protection against rust. Ideal for restoring and shining plastic components such as bumpers and vehicle interiors. Special 360 degree valve allows for use in awkward places, even upside down. Silicone free.

Application: Spray on parts to be treated and allow product to work for a short time. For stubborn joints repeat application and allow to work for longer. A protective film of PTFE is left behind. For best results do not wipe off.

Wurth Article Number 0890 085 500