ProGold Degreaser & Wash 500ml

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Cleans grime, oil and greases gently. Safe on all surfaces. Concentrated degreaser & wash.

Use straight to clean your chain; dilute with 3 parts water to clean and protect the rest of your bike. Weight: 643g.

ProGold Degreaser & Wash is a concentrated formula that leaves a brilliant protective coating without film or residue. It removes grease, oil, dirt and grime while providing rust protection even in high humidity. Certified biodegradable and safe on all surfaces including carbon parts and frames.

Protect your investment and your pride. Progold Degreaser + Wash contains no lye, phosphates, bleach, brighteners, or perfume. It is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.


Drivetrains: Allow to soak for a few minutes, then wipe with a rag and water. Re-lubricate.

Other Components: Mix 1 part Degreaser + Wash with 3 parts water.

Carbon and Aluminium Alloy Frames: Give Bike Wash a little time to loosen dirt and stains; it was made to remove grime gently.