Adjust Gears (no parts needed)

    Delivery time:5-7 Days
  • Description

Labour charge to adjust gears on a bike without replacing parts.

Replacing parts will incur an additional labour charge, as well as the cost of the parts themselves.


  • Check derailleur hanger alignment and tightness
  • Check that rear derailleur is correctly attached and tight
  • Check rear derailleur B-tension screw adjustment
  • Check that front derailleur is correctly positioned (height and alignment) and tight
  • Lubricate cables where they exit casings
  • Lubricate front and rear derailleur pivots
  • Lubricate rear derailleur jockey wheels
  • Scrape excess grime and dirt from chainrings, rear sprockets and jockey wheels
  • Check chain lubrication; wipe with rag and lubricate as necessary
  • Check gear levers are positioned properly and tight
  • Check gear lever operation and lubricate if necessary
  • Adjust front and rear derailleur stops
  • Adjust front and rear derailleur cable tension to allow swift and reliable shifts