Massload Double Leg Kickstand

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These ingenious stands align to the left side of the bike when up, but spread and support the bike from both sides (right and left) when down. Adjustable leg length (using a 4mm allen key) to suit a variety of bikes.

A double leg stand supports a heavy bike (such as electric) or a heavily loaded bike very well, as it allows the bike to stand upright rather than lean over to the side. It is normally adjusted so that it lifts one wheel off the ground, leaving the bike to stand on the other wheel and the two legs of the stand.

Mounts behind the bottom bracket with a 14mm bolt and steel top plate. The top plate is 56mm wide and 24mm front to back. The upper plate of the stand (goes under the seat stays) is 59mm wide and 30mm front to back.

Weight: 585g.