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I am in the process of purchasing a Giant Sedona LX, and am of the opinion that mudguards are essential. I have a preference for full fitted guards than the readily available short unsupported type. From your description that the above items are for mountain bikes, would you confirm that these would fit front suspensions, specifically the bike I am purchasing.

Full length mudguards won't fit without some tinkering. Most forks, yours included, don't have mudguard eyelets. We fit the left hand stays to the disc brake mounts but have to make some sort of bracket to fit the right stays to the fork. So far we've managed tidy jobs using our miscellaneous brackets box, but we don't yet have a repeatable process to use. It can be quite time consuming; you could give it a go yourself, or your shop might take on the job, but they could charge a substantial amount for the work. Mark.