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Kazam Balance Bike

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Balance bikes are designed for children who can't yet ride. They're not just a smaller sized normal bike. Scooting along the ground, the child learns to balance in a natural way without fear.

Weight: 5.1kg.

Kazam Balance Bikes don't have any unnecessary objects like pedals, chains or training wheels to confuse a child, and they can reach the ground while sitting on the seat.

They are ideal to introduce a child to complicated actions like balancing, coordinating and manoeuvring a bicycle.

With balance bikes, kids can take the learning process as slowly (or quickly!) as they want to.

KaZAM Balance Bikes are great in making the transition to a traditional bike easy, as they are training bikes developed for children between 3 to 6 years old, colourful, lightweight and user friendly.

Seat and handlebar heights are adjustable to keep up with growing children.