We've come by 2 of these spokes again - hence the reappearance of the add to basket button. Once they're gone, they're gone.

Tech Note 01 - Shimano Spokes

formerly 0740
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Re: Shimano Part Number Y4SDS1000 (Straight Pull narrow bladed spoke 268mm black) to suit Shimano WH-MT55, WH-MT55-F15, WH-MT55-F, WH-MT55-W-F, WH-MT55-R, WH-MT55-W-R.

This spoke has been discontinued by Shimano. Our advice is to use any straight pull spoke of the correct (or close) length as a replacement. Our recommendation as a replacement is our item number 00727 (the rim plug will not be needed so can be disposed of). Other options (1mm longer) are our item codes 00735 and 00728. Another possibility is our item code 00878, which requires removal of the rim washer, and is 2mm shorter than the correct length.