Thule Pack n Pedal Side Frames

Pack 'n Pedal Side Frames work in combination with the Pack 'n Pedal Tour deck and offer optimum side support for larger and/or flexible panniers. Recommended for securing larger panniers and carrying heavier loads.


Shipping Weight: 623g.

Designed to support large panniers and offer a wide range of mounting options, the side frames attach directly to the Pack 'n Pedal Tour Rack.  Pop these on for a fully loaded tour, or commute to work, then take them off when you want to travel fast and light.

As with the Tour deck, the entire side frame has 75mm of for/aft adjustment to aid heel clearance on mountain bikes. The frames come with 10mm rails, giving you two per side when bolted onto the Tour deck.

These are re-positionable as well, meaning you can choose how high or low you set up your panniers. Run them high for better ground clearance when riding singletrack, or set them down for a lower centre of gravity when you hit the road.

As with Pack 'n Pedal's decks, the side frames feature a plethora of slots - handy for beefing up your panniers' attachment system when riding in the rough.

These are designed to flex a little, rather than be fully rigid - you see why when you accidentally hit that rock or tree. Unlike welded wire and tube racks, the Pack 'n Pedal racks with absorb the shock and spring back. No welds to crack and fail!

Sold as a pair.

  • Weight: 470g
  • Dimensions: 285mm wide, 310mm high
  • Materials: Glass fibre reinforced nylon, heat treated 6061 10mm aluminium rails and stainless steel hardware.



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