Shimano FH-M570 Freehub Body

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Also suits Shimano FH-M555 (Deore 6-Bolt Disc) FH-M570 (Deore LX), FH-M576, FH-M752 (Deore XT), FH-M756 (Deore XT 6-Bolt), WH-M535 (LX/Deore V-Brake Wheel), WH-M540 (LX/Deore V-Brake Wheel), WH-M575 (LX/Deore 6-Bolt Disc Wheel).

Shimano Part Number 3BD9801. Shipping Weight: 200g. When unavailable, our item code 56701 can be used in its place - it may look different but it's rated by Shimano as class B interchangeable - ie, it'll work fine.