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Hi All,
After a few days in Ceduna Barbaras ankle was a lot better but we decided it was silly for her to ride on to Adelaide and may be do more damage.
How disappointing it was for her to get on a bus in Ceduna for Adelaide and see me riding of after having ridden some seventeen thousand kilometres.
After four weeks of the bike her ankle is a lot better so she will probably ride the short distance from Adelaide to Loxton in a couple of weeks where we will be staying over for the Christmas period. 
My seven hundred kilometre ride to Adelaide was lonely and hard as I did not have the company and encouragement.
Some highlights of my ride were speaking to three schools on the way.
The wheat silos every twenty or so kilomertres were bursting at the seams with last years harvest and the biggest problem is finding transport to take the grain to the ports. Most of the trucks are being used at the mines as it is more consistent work
There have been some seven hundred thousand head of stock moved from Western Australia in the past few weeks because of the dry in the west.
As we were in the driest state on the driest continent I thought I would have a dry ride but in the past few weeks I have had more wet days than we have had since leaving Halls Creek.
I spent a night at Iron Knob after riding in the rain for some three hours.
Averaged twenty five kilometres an hour between Iron Knob and Port Augusta.
Rode through the Simpson Ranges to spend a night with an old school mate at Wirrabara on his farm where I learnt about the crutching of sheep and learning of the problems and the good times of our farmers.Jill cooked a great roast for dinner. Thanks Jill and Robb.
I covered about three hundred kilometres over the next three days to Gawler where I trained it into Adelaide.
Now at a caravan park in Brighton for about three weeks occupying our selves by helping around the park in doing some new garden beds.  
At last we are able to have fresh food every day and can now forget about dehydrated food and it was with great pleasure that we were able to give our two ten litre water containers away.
Where ever you are enjoy the warmer weather and have a great Chistmas with your families and our next update should be in February when we arrive home in Moruya.
Barbara and Peter