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Hi All,
After 13000 kilometres we are now in Perth. This does not include side trips but only from camp site to camp site. The bikes have done more than 15000 kilometres since our departure.
We are looking forward to a couple of weeks rest before heading east and our last long stretch between supermarkets and civilization.
We will send two food parcels across the Nullarbor so we do not have to worry about food but are able to carry extra water. 
In Carnarvan we had good walks and had lunch one day at the end of the longest jetty in a small shed. We must have looked a sight boiling the billy and making sandwiches.
After Carnarvan we started to get into the southerly winds and both of us would rather the hills than the wind but when we got them both together it was tough going.
A day out of Carnarvan we got two flats in a few kilometres on my trailer and realized that the tyre did not look worn but had done 18000 kilometres and had been in the hot weather in Darwin and had softened up so we put on the spare and have not had a problem since. When you consider the bikes have done about 5000 kilometres between them since Darwin with only 3 punctures we have  been pretty lucky.
At the Overlander Road House we met two youngsters riding north and they had more solar panels on their bikes than a manned space ship. They were used for mobiles, computers, a gps each and cam cameras.
We found some great bush camp sites as the vegetation was getting more dense and we were able to have camp fires on most nights.
North Hampton where we stayed for 3 nights is a great little farming town and our spirits were high as we rode into town after seeing green pastures for the first time for more than 15 months. The wild flowers were also starting to show their heads.
We saw a lot of wild goats on this section and we think the kangaroos were as big as we have seen.
We spent 2 nights at Coronation Beach where we had our meals on the top of a lookout as we looked out over the Indian Ocean and were lucky enough to see whales a number of times heading north.
We also spent 2 nights on a cattle station east of Dongara with George and Gladys. We met George as we were riding out of Darwin and he had asked us to stay with them when we came through. We had farm killed steak there and it would have to be the most tender steak we have ever had. Thanks for a great stay George and Gladys.
We then went inland and rode down the midland highway which is a lot quieter but windy for most of the time.
Inland it was very cold and it sapped our energy but what an excuse for hot meat pies and fruit cake.
It was then back to the coast and into Yanchep and Perth.
We had said we would never ride into a city on a weekend but we did and once again the volume of traffic was terrible but we are here and will now rest up for a couple of weeks before leaving.
We are both well but looking forward to the weather getting a little bit warmer over the next few weeks.
Hope you are all well
Barbara and Peter