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Hi All,
We are now in Carnarvon and wearing thermals and jackets.
We are not used to the cold as we have been above the Tropic of Capricorn for some fifteen months. We crossed over it a couple of days ago and have had cold southerly winds ever since. After Geraldton we will probably go inland a bit so as to miss some of the wind but also to see more of the farming country and the inland towns.
Point Samson is a great area with good beaches and still warm enough to swim in. We are surprised that Perth is not deserted as the caravan parks there and every where else along the west coast are full of people from the south escaping the cold for three months or so. The boats being towed along the highways are huge and in the past week we must have been passed by several hundred of them.
At Karrattha we met John and Pip with their three month old daughter who are doing the same us us but on board their yacht . 
We have had some great bush camps since Karratha in and along side river beds and had a night at Bullara cattle station.
We stayed at Coral Bay for two nights which we were told was a must do but found it a bit like Batemans Bay on an Easter Saturday. They did have good pizzas though.
We have also stayed at a few road houses so as to have showers and some greasy food.It is strange but every cyclist we meet which has only been half a dozen since Darwin the conversation always turns to food and how much water.
The mining camps along the coast are huge with up to two thousand fifo workers and they have everything from pools,gyms and great food but my god they earn it.
We are looking forward to seeing some green vegetation and getting out of this red dirt which gets into every thing but that is only a few hundred kilometres away now and at the same time we will be able to cut down on the amount of water we carry until we get to the Nullarbor.
The food parcels we sent ahead of our selves worked well and now know what we need for the crossing of the Nullarbor. I did have a yearning for a ham and pickle sandwich which we had today after riding for eight days before getting to a super market.
Just before riding into Carnarvan we came to a farmers market and bought some bananas at $2 a kilo and they tasted like the bananas of fifty years, We stood out side and had three each and then rode like road racers into Carnarvan.
We will be in Perth by mid August where we will rest up for a couple of weeks and then it is of to Adelaide.
Have now done over 12000 kilometres from camp site to camp site plus a couple of thousand in side trips or about 2.8 million revolutions of our knees and some 1.8 million short white lines on the centre of the roads. Have to exercise the mind some how don't we. 
We are both well and fighting fit and the bikes are both traveling well although we had our second puncture since Darwin yesterday.
We will be half way across the Nullarbor for the Grand Final so we will have to make sure we are at a road house so as to see Geelong as the premier team.
Heres hoping.
Peter and Barbara