Point Samson (50km NE of Karratha)

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Hi All,
We were dreading the ride from Broome to here but have found the 800 klms was not all that bad..
It is flat with services some 300 klms a part but we had no problems with water or food.
On the way we have seen goanas, foxes, wild cats and plenty of kangas.
Saw an eagle sitting on a termite nest looking as though it was waiting for us to run over some thing so it could have lunch.
Had some terrific camp sites all to our selves and also a couple with others close by.
A lot of tail wind but if any one else says it is all down hill from here we will ---------.
We stopped for nights at Sandfire and Pardoo road houses and once again the greasy food was great.
When we were riding into Port Headland there was a strong head wind and the traffic was horrendous and I guess what we have to expect when riding into populated areas.
Port Headland is amazing. We did a tour of their port area. They are loading 4 ships at a time with up to 20 waiting to come in.
The super structure is amazing. Millions of dollars in buildings just to load these ships.
3.5 klm long trains with six engines.
3000 people working in the area 24 hours a day.
The night after Port Headland we met 79 year old Bill Staudy who is riding supported from Broome to Perth which will be the end of his 10 year ride around Australia. He has done the rest of it unsupported in stages since 2000..  
We are staying here for 4 days and swimming in warm water and sleeping in 20 degree comfort. Sorry to those down south.
We are both well and get amazed by what we see. Still love our fruit cakes and demolish them rather quickly. We have also found tinned chicken breasts and small tins of chicken just like the tuna tins which give us a bit of variety.
Have now done 11000 klms and now only have the Nullarbor to to do after Perth and then we are almost home.
Hope you are all well.
Peter and Barbara