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Hi All,
What a month we have had.
10 days of rain with some of them sitting in our tent surrounded by mud and eating muesli for 3 meals a day as we could not use the stove in the tent. All apart of touring. The wet was meant to be finished but it came back with avengemce. It is good though riding in the rain when it is 30 degrees
We arrived at Turkey Creek and Halls Creek soaked to the bones and never have egg and bacon sandwiches with hot chips been so good.
We stayed at Halls Creek for 6 days and went to the biggest morning tea which we helped set up and spent most of the day talking to the elders which we found most enlightening. The next day we were involved in a group discussion at the medical centre mostly about giving up smoking but also on general health and looking after your own body. Once again well worth the time.
We also went to the weather station every day and learnt a lot about the BOM web site and how to read it. We also saw all the equipment they have and now it all makes a lot more sense to us and will help us plan our future days and know when to and not to ride.
We stayed in Halls Creek until the dry came.
We have now used our sleeping bags a couple of times which is the first time for about 12 months.
We heard dingoes almost every night after Turkey Creek and often saw them. 
After Halls Creek we got to Derby a total of 567 klms including 3 one hundred klm days in 8 days including a rest day in Fitzroy Crossing. Great tail wind.
Derby is fascinating with it's history and 12 metre tide varience. We also had the best chinese feed since we left on our trip.
We stayed with an old family friend  who stayed with us on some weekends in Perth why he was at boarding school in Darwin who I had not seen for 50 years. He was originaly from Leopold Downs cattle station and what he does not know about the area is not worth knowing.
We have bush camped for all of our nights since leaving Katherine other than when in towns when running hot water is a joy and fresh food is fantastic after 4 or 5 days of dehydrated food.
One thing we have some times found hard to get is metho for our stove so we will just carry more until we get further south.
We will stay in Broome for 5 days before heading down the west coast.
We saw our first magpies today since southern Queensland. Makes us feel we are close to home. Only about 5 to 6 thousand klms to go.
We have now ridden well over ten thousand klms not including the side trips we have made.
We are both well but not looking forward to the cold as we go south.
Football wise Geelong the best team of them all are on top of the ladder.
Peter and Barbara