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Hi All,
Arrived in Kununurra this morning about 800 klms from Darwin.
We did not think our fitness had dropped as much as it had so the first 400 was hard work especially in the hot weather.
It has now started to cool down and only reaching about 30 degrees but we are on our bikes at first light and ride about 60 klms or so and then take it easy.
The escarpments since Victoria river have been eye boggling and they change colours as the sun moves.
We have seen dingoes and a lot of brogas and whistling kites and we are probably not far away from the magpies again although there have been a lot of butcher birds and we also saw a rufous whistler yesterday.
Andrew from South Coast Camping organised our new tent to be delivered to Katherine for us as the old one was showing a bit of wear after being put up some 350 or more times.
Bikes are going well after being fully service by Spokes in Palmerston.
We slept right on the NT and WA border last night and had fresh fruit coming out of our ears from people getting rid of it at the quarantine station. Fresh fruit is the one thing we miss on the long stretches as it is to hard to carry.
We now only carry noodles and Continental dehydrated food with tins or packets of tuna as our main food source as well as our own made up muesli but we do hog into the steaks and chips at road houses.
One of our favourites is the dehydrated potatoes with surprise peas and tuna.
Damper is always great to have with our cup of tea. We have cut out having coffee other than on our rest days as we do find it dehydrating.
We see a lot of rivers and creeks and would love a swim but we are to wary of the crocs so we have decided to wait until south of Broome. 
Our next destinations are Halls Creek, Fitzroy Crossing and then Broome about 1000 klms away with all but about 300 klms being fairly flat. 
As we are in town we are now heading of to find a roast dinner with a heap of vegies and gravy like my grandmother used to make.
Enjoy your days where ever you are.
Peter and Barbara