On The Road Again

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Hi All,
After eight months in the Darwin Region we will be on the road again in the morning on the second half of our trip which will take us through Broome, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and then home to the ever inviting Moruya which at this time is still the only place we want to call home. .
In Darwin we spent six months working at a wholesale nursery which sends large quantities of plants to all parts of Australia and overseas.
We have seen crocodiles, cane toads,lightning and heard thunder like you would not believe and rain where we were not able to see to the end of a car bonnet. We have had 1350 mls since the beginning of this year.
After spending nine months travelling through drought areas over late 2008 and some of 2009 with farmers desperate for rain it makes people like us feel helpless.
Both of us are now looking forward to being on the move again even if we do have to carry more than 30ltrs of water on some stages between here and Adelaide.
We are also looking forward to having a swim in water which is less than our body temperature..  
It will also be good in a few weeks time when we are not always wet with perspiration. It has also taught us to just keep on drinking water by the litre as if we don,t we soon have head aches and sore eyes.We always have a big drink of water after tea or coffee.
We returned to Darwin last night from visiting our daughter Jessica in Dubai and a few days in Singapore on the way home.
From the opulence of Dubai to our three man tent and two bikes is almost ridiculous but we know where we would rather be and for those at home in Moruya you do live in the best place in the world.
If any one wants to come and share the water carrying over the next few months please feel welcome although we do now have our food and water supplies down to a T. We hope.
The next few thousand kilometres should be our most interesting of our whole trip and weather wise we just hope for the tail winds which we have been told about..
We will send our next email from somewhere towards Broome.
Peter and Barbara