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After about 9000 klms we arrived in Darwin not real believing we had arrived there.

After having 2 days at Malaranka swimming in the natural springs and enjoying an enjoyable time with Denise and Mark Arundel from Canberra who are doing much the same as Barbara and I but are heading to Broome and the west coast before the wet sets in.

We then went onto Katherine and Adelaide River where we saw the war graves where some 240 Australians are buried. All around this area are signs of the war.

We spent 3 nights at Edith Falls where we had some interesting walks along gorges and beautiful views with the sunset hitting the rock faces. This was by far the best camp spot we have been to although we were told there were crocodile traps out there we were not game to swim.

We are now in Darwin until the end of the wet season swhen we will head of to Broome and Perth. We are both looking forward to going through a wet season and see the changes in colour and vegetation.

While in Darwin we will be on a wholesale nursery house sitting a house and working around the nursery and getting ready for the wet season. We are told the build up to the wet is the worst time.

Peter and Barbara Guppy