Barkly Tableland

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Another letter received by staff at Moruya Bicycles. Peter and Barbara are cycling the Barkly Tableland, one of Mark's favourite parts of his trip(s).


Hi Guys,

   We put the photo of the sunrise in so that Rodney could dream on. We are now about 1/3 of the way across the Barkly Tableland and I think we will enjoy the long break in darwin before we head down south to Perth and home.

   The bikes are going well although we did not have them serviced in Mount Isa as the mechanic was on holidays. But they will be OK to Darwin. We have changed the flag on the back of the trailer and it now reads "WINEBIKO" instead of Winebago. Very cold at night time here but great during the day.

   Mark was correct about the birds in this area. Heaps of them. We are very keen on having kangaroo tail soup from road kill but need my grandmother's recipe but she died 30 years ago so we may have to give it a miss.

   Ask Wayne from the Hardware Store when he is going to come and join us, should be riding over from Perth in August 2010.

Cheers for now,

P & B.