Mt Isa

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Hi all,
From Isisford to Winton good camp sites were hard to find as there is not much vegetation and the towns are a lot further apart.
We are finding caravaners are great in offering us water at any road side stop.
We are now able to carry 20 litres of water as we have given away carrying any heavy food such fruit, vegetables and tinned food and now use dehydrated food and dried fruit and our own muesli mix.
We then spoil our selves when we get to towns.
One experience we had was a cattle truck passing us just as all the 50 odd cattle on board decided to have a pee. Needless to say we had the camp site to our selves that night.
As the weather warms up we are leaving camp by first light and then setting camp by about 1pm.
Had our first puncture for almost a thousand klms just one klm from Cloncurry.
Last night we had a great camp site on the side of a river all to our selves with our first siting of budgies and perfect silence from the cattle and road trains.
We find it hard to believe that we are in Mnt Isa. Now only have about 1600 klms to Darwin and about half way through our journey.
Peter and Barbara Guppy