Giant Puncture Kit with Tyre Levers

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An excellent patch kit, and excellent value. Includes two tyre levers, 6 glueless patches 25mm diameter, 4 standard patches 25mm diameter, glue and sandpaper. And it comes complete with a poorly written instruction sheet!

Weight: 49g.
Our point of difference with the instructions is when using the glue, we advise to simply wait a minimum of 5 minutes before applying the patch - we advise you NOT to touch the glue on the tube to see if it's drying. Also, we advise against pulling off the thin plastic patch cover after applying the patch as it helps stop the tube from sticking to the tyre via any extra glue around the patch. And if you must remove it, the way to do it is to fold the patch when it's on the tube, thereby splitting the plastic cover so it can be peeled off from the centre outwards so that it doesn't try to lift the edge of the patch.