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Yes! We found the cat eye thorns just before the Murry River.
3 punctures in one go.
None since as we have stayed on the hard surface. When we bush camp we unload the bikes and then carry them to the camp site and stand them upside down. Doing this we have done almost 700 klms without a puncture.
Camped on the Murray for 3 nights at Tocumwal.
We have been given lessons on lawn bowls. Great game.
Camped in a shearing shed the other night where the farmer had a full blooded dingo as a pet.
Camped on a farm on beach on the Murrumbidgee. Thanks Paul and family for your hospitality.
Stayed in a hotel not far from Grenfell where it was real rough and ready. Extension leads for power. No fly screens and the jug etc were not operating.Used our stove for tea but they did cook us a reasonable meal.
Camped on a stock route not far from a farm which had used 4 old Melbourne trains for their home.
All in all we are going well and averaging about 30klms per day including rest days. 
Now heading for Wellington and Coonabarabran. Hope to be in Mnt Isa some time durring June.