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We are still on the move.
Highlights over the past few weeks since ST Marys.
Once we went east from St Marys we could not but notice how much drier it got.
In fact the Esk Highway was closed the day after we finished on it due to fires.
We went to Hobart from Campbell Town by bus (left our bikes in Campbell Town) for 2 days when there were 140 klm winds all over the island with fires and a lot of damage done.
Would have been good if we were travelling in the right direction.
From Campbell town we headed west towards the high land lakes which are about 1200 mts above sea level. On the way we had 40 degree days and ended up sheltering on a farm and in the park for a night in Cressy. The farmer gave us home killed lamb chops which really came up well with his potatoes etc.
We then went up the mountain through Poatina a church group town but what a view over the midlands of the island.
We spent 2 nights at Arthurs Lake where we had fresh trout for dinner.
We were going to spend more time up in that area but when we saw the forecast for cold weather we decided to head for the north coast.
To get of the plateau we had 50 klms of dirt road with log trucks and fast driving locals. Found a camp spot at Brenoa on the Great Lake.
We then after a couple of hours on dirt started our decent down to Deloraine. It was a sealed road but it was so steep that we ended up walking down 7 Klms as my brakes with the heavy load were over heating. Beautiful views all the way down and cold with fog one minute and then 30 degrees a few minutes later.
We had a night in Deloraine in a caravan park and I think we both spent half an hour in the shower getting the dust and dirt off us.
When we did our washing the water came out almost black so we did it again.
We are now changing all our light coloured clothing to dark colours. We have become experts at looking through opportunity shops.
Found a great camp spot on the Mersey River at Kimberly where we spent 2 nights with some of the days just lying in the river.
Visited a farm while there where they milk about 600 cows in 2 hours.
Saw the topiary displays at Railton and the murals at Sheffield.
Then had a night at Devils Gate which is the dam wall for the Barrington Lake.It is also where some of the electricity comes from when needed on the mainland.
We are now moving west along the north coast and finding great places to camp. Penguin would have to be the best little town we have stayed in since leaving home.
Our been shoots are growing well in panty hose and make stale bread taste that little bit better.
I have now lost 3 sun hats but always find another which is a little more colourful so that we can see them.
We are enjoying our riding more all the time and Barbara actually did 50klm an hour down a hill last week. When we first left she probably would have walked down that hill.
We will be leaving Devonport on 22/2/09 for Melbourne where we will spend a few days having our bikes serviced and then head north towards central NSW and then Queensland.