Port Campbell

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The many highs and and the few lows since Phillip Island.
We had fish and chips in the park on the Island and we have never seen seagulls like these before.They were actually trying to take the food out of our mouths.
We had a good trip across Westonort Bay with the locals from French Island who make the weekly trip to do their shopping.
What a happy and close community it must be on that island.
At Sorrento we met Flip the Dutchman who was also pulling a Bob Trailer.He has so far done 49 countries and had just finished his trip from Darwin to Melbourne. Some character and a really helpful.
The car ferry from Sorrento to Queenscliff saved us going through Melbourne and the boring ride to Geelong.
We stayed for 2 nights at Point Lonsdale on a park on the foreshore where could sit on the rocks and watch the container and tanker ships entering Port Phillip Bay. What a lounge room and dinning area. 
We rode into Ocean Grove in the rain and were heading to the library to spend some time until it cleared up (learning to read the weather maps) when we were stopped by an 84 year old who had been driving around Australia for 20 odd years and wanted us to stay with them for a night so he could hear our story.
He got out all his maps and showed us good national parks and roads that we should use.
He has now rung us 3 times to make sure we are OK and not lost.
The surf at Bells Beach where we camped was huge but there was still 30 or 40 surfers out there.
At Anglesea we stayed with Ed Bourke who since the beginning of the year has been advising us on equipment and routes etc.
He and his wife have ridden around Australia and are also the organisers of the Simpson Desert race which they have both done a number of times.He was very helpful in showing us ways to lighten our load. He also cooked us a roast with veggies layed on.
We do travel with a big load but we are happy and it also makes us even in strength and comfortable at night.
Camped down at Joanna Beach one night and a kind motorist said to not bother going out the same way as we came in as the other road was shorter.
It was shorter as he said but it was just one big hill which got steeper every time we went around a bend. Took us about 6 hours to walk 8 klms.
We arrived at Lavers Hill and ordered the biggest hamburger they could make with a bucket load of chips. 
We now understand why people flock to this part of the coast.
The cliffs and the apostles are a site to be seen.We took all day to peddle 18 klms as we went out to every point of interest we could. Just magnificent.
Staying tonight at Port Campbell at a camp site with another cyclist who has only a few days to go before he finishes his around Australia ride in Melbourne.
He has slowed right down sinc leaving Adelaide as he does not want the trip to finish.
The caravan parks along this coast are very expensive so we bush camp most of the time on points etc.
We will finish the Great Ocean Road in the next couple of days.
We have had mostly head winds along this coast but when we turn back to Melbourne in about a week we should have tail winds. Ha Ha
After Melbourne it is Tasmania for about 10 weeks and then to follow the sun north.
We are both well and loving what we are doing and eating like it is going out of fashion but not putting on weight and sleeping for a good 8 hours every night.
Hope all is well with you all.
Barbara and Peter