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We are now in Orbost having 3 nights of just sitting around and letting our bodies have a rest.
We bought our first news paper yesterday for a week and we both agree that the people out there in our world are a lot more interesting and nicer than a lot of those that you read about.We have met so many nice people so far on this ride.
Mallacoota is a great spot with good fishing and really good camp sites and the lakes are something to see.
We rode out of Mallacoota on the Saturday hoping we would miss the log trucks along the Highway but on the Monday the road was horrific.
We bush camped for 2 nights along this section
We walked a lot of the way as it was not safe to ride on the day we got into Bellbird but 8klm out of Bellbird we turned of the highway to Cape Conran where we camped for the night.
After the turn of we only had about 20 cars pass us in 2 days all the way to Orbost.
We have now also left many of the hills behind us but I think it is them which have hastened up our fittness and we both feel remarkably well.
The mouth of the Snowy is some thing worth stopping at to see.
We will be leaving Orbost on Saturday to ride the Rail Trail to Lakes Entrance and Bairnsdale in about a week.
Nothing like a steak and mash when we stay in a camp ground but noodles stock surprise peas and Soya sauce really fill up those gaps between the mouth and toes.
Time now for our weekly meat pie and sauce
Will probably send our next email from Bairnsdale.