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Hi All,
A great week of riding with the high light being the Rail Trail from Orbost to Bairnsdale.
We camped on the side of the track for 2 nights and had the other 3 nights in Swan Reach and Metung.
The number of times we have driven down to Melbourne and not had time to go to Metung makes me sorry as it is a great spot for sailing, fishing and just walking.
We will be here for a couple of nights and then of to Paynsville and then Sale and the South Gippsland highway towards Philip Island.
We are both more than well and really enjoying the leisurely pace we are going at.
We have not seen a snake yet but saw the biggest goanna I have ever seen.
We have stayed with 2 people who we know from Melbourne but now live up this way and between them they have planted close on 6000 shrubs and bushes on what was empty paddocks.
Thats it for now.
Peter and Barbara