Pro Link Chain Lube 118ml

The cleanest chain lube.

ProLink is a thin-bodied lubricant which utilises Metal Friction Reducer technology - a molecule that bonds to metal surfaces - for smooth shifting and a quiet drive train. It does not build up or become tacky, and it sheds dirt, mud and abrasives. It also repels moisture and prevents corrosion. Great for cables and derailleurs too!

 Weight: 124g.

Standard lubes are oil based. Dry lubes are usually wax based. Pro Link is best described as nothing based. When you put it on, it looks and feels like water (but doesn't smell like it!). Run it in to the chain, thoroughly, then wipe of excess. You'll be using what seems much like a dry chain. You'll hear the chain running over the sprockets. But you'll not hear that horrible dry stretching sound of an unlubricated chain. Ride it in dirt in the rain, try to put up with the horrible feel of the sand on your chain, but marvel the next day as you ride the bike again, without lubing the chain, and it feels OK. And if you ride it the next week, and the next, and the next, before you finally get around to re lubing, it will be OK. A most unusual and impressive lube. Described by the importers as a metal surface treatment, that seems to be what it is.

I recommend it for regular riders, especially those who ride in the dirt. I don't recommend it for occasional riders of bikes which are likely to be left in the shed for extended periods, especially near the sea. You can't beat oil for sticking all around a chain and keeping off the corrosive air.

Regarding corrosion - Pro Link does claim to contain corrosion inhibitors, and it seems these actually work, if, the lube is applied regularly enough. In our experience, as the lube works so well, it's tempting to not reapply it for ages, and this leaves the chain vulnerable to rust in the wet.

For economical use we recommend also buying a Pro Link Pen Applicator (which you can refill as often as you want) to minimise spilliage.

This is what it says on the bottle:


Initial Application: Saturate chain with ProLink while rotating crank backward. Wipe off dirt and old lube. Repeat, if necessary. When chain is clean, re-lube lightly and ride. (Remove factory protectant from new chain first for peak performance.) ProLink may need to be reapplied as traces of old lube continue to be flushed out.

ProGold Lubricants, College Park, GA. Made in USA.