Shimano FH-M510 Rear Right Cone

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Fits FH-6600, FH-M510, FH-M525, FH-M530, FH-M555, FH-M563, FH-M565, FH-M570, FH-M580, FH-M737, FH-M750, FH-M752, FH-M755, FH-M756, FH-M760, FH-M765, FH-MC12, FH-MC18, FH-MC30, FH-MC32, FH-MC38, FH-R080, WH-M535, WH-M565, WH-M575, WH-M765, WH-R500.

Shimano Part Number Y3AE03000. M10 x 9mm. No seals. Replaces cone number 32P09000 and Y3AE03100. Weight: 6g.

Re suitability for FH-MC12 (Alivio) rear hub, we had info that a 15mm deep cone was the correct item, but our experience has been that this 9mm deep cone works best. If you need to replace a 15mm deep cone on a FH-MC12 then you could use this cone with the addition of 6mm of axle spacers.

Re suitability for FH-M563, it's not a Shimano listed match but we've done it successfully in the workshop.

Re suitability for FH-M760, when the part number Y3AE03100 (FH-M760 cone) was discontinued, we compared our remaining stock of it with the FH-M510 cone and could see no difference.


We recommend always replacing the balls when servicing a hub or replacing cones.

A hub that uses this cone will use 1/4" balls x 18 (9 per side).

We recommend using Grade 25 balls (high quality balls) with these cones.

You can use the links on the right to go directly to the recommended balls - either individually or in the relatively economical pack of 100.

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