Shimano FH-RM40 Rear Right Cone

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Fits FH-RM40 7 speed (right side), FH-RM40 8 speed (right side), FH-2200, FH-RM30 7 speed (left and right), FH-RM30 8 speed (left and right) and FH-C201 (left and right; not an official Shimano listed match, but we've done so successfully in the workshop), FH-CT90 (right side), FH-CT91 (left and right), FH-HG50 (right side), FH-M290 (right side). Also suits FH-RM50, FH-M290, FH-CT90, FH-RM40-7, FH-RM40-8, FH-HG50.

This is our suggested substitute for the discontinued Shimano Part Number Y3AC98050 (for FH-M330 left, FH-R050, FH-MC12, FH-RM60), but it does not include a dust seal - see "More details" for advice on this.

M10 x 15mm. No seals. Shimano Part Number: Y30G03000. Workshop observation suggests this cone and Shimano Part Number Y38408202 are identical.  Weight: 15g.

When using this cone as a substitute for Shimano Part Number Y3AC98050 (pictured below), which had a steel dust cover, try to remove the original dust seal and install it on the new cone. Use a 17mm ring spanner to push the seal; use a small hammer against the 17mm ring spanner. Replacement dust covers are not available as a spare part.

We recommend always replacing the balls when servicing a hub or replacing cones.

A hub that uses this cone will use 1/4" balls x 18 (9 per side).

We recommend using Grade 25 balls (high quality balls) with these cones.

You can use the links on the right to go directly to the recommended balls - either individually or in the relatively economical pack of 100.

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