Shimano HB-2200 Front Cone

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Suits HB-2200, HB-M290 (Acera-X), HB-CT90 (Altus), HB-RM40 (Altus), HB-RM50 (Exage). Also to be used for HB-3300 (Sora), HB-A410 (RSX), HB-A416 (RSX), HB-A550 (RX-100) and HB-M475 (Deore 2004, 9mm thread). 

Shimano Part Number: Y23104000. M9 x 10.5mm. No seals. Replaces cone number Y21C04000.

Also replaces Shimano Part Number Y20298050 but it lacks the twin plastic seals.  Weight: 8g.

If using this cone in HB-6400 or HB-1055, please measure the depth of you original cones. The fc01 cone is 10.52mm deep; our information tells us that the original Shimano Part Number Y21498020 (pictured below) for HB-6400 and HB-1055 was 11.3mm deep. If this is the case, we recommend using our item code fc05, or a Wheels Manufacturing Axle Spacer of 1mm on each side in addition to the fc01.. Please note, the fc01 does NOT have the rubber dust seal (or the track to receive it) so your hub will not be as well sealed as it was originally.

When servicing a hub we recommend you always replace the balls.

A hub that uses this cone will use 3/16" balls x 20 (10 per side).

We recommend using Grade 25 balls with these cones. You can click the links on the right to both the individual balls and also to boxes of 100 (a more economical way to buy them).

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