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super patch kit

Park Super Patch Kit Glueless

The Park Glueless Patch Kit is a great way to ensure against multiple punctures on a ride.

Tiny and rugged to carry - stick one in any tool kit. Contains 6 patches & emery cloth. Weight: 5g.

The box for these patches is only 32mm x 33mm x 7.5mm so the kit takes almost no room in your tool bag. As the patches are pre-glued, you don't have to worry about tubes of glue drying up before you need them. The sandpaper provided with the kit is good for its job (unlike the cheese-grater style buffer that some patch kits come with).

So to fix a puncture, all you need to do is locate it, sand the area where the patch will be applied, then peel the paper off the patch and stick it on the tube: Job done!