Tyres Wheelchair

24 x 1-3/8" is the standard size for wheelchair rear wheels. They are the same size as used on 24 x 1-3/8" bicycles (although rarely these days) and are designated as wheelchair tyres by being grey rather than black, to avoid marking floors.

CST Wheelchair Tyre 22 x 1-3/8 Grey

24" wheelchair tyres outnumber 22" wheelchair tyres by a ratio of about a million to one. However, we've decided to stock a couple of these tyres anyway...
ETRTO: 37-501. Made by Cheng Shin - one of our favourite cheaper-end tyre brands as they supply good quality tyres. Maximum Pressure: 65psi. Made in China. Weight: 407g.

CST Wheelchair Tyre 24 x 1-3/8

We've found them! We sold CST wheelchair tyre years ago, happy with their quality, durability and price. We're happy to be able to offer them again.
ETRTO: 37-501. Weight: 515g.

Tyre Solid Grey 24 x 1-3/8

No punctures with this one.

This tyre doesn't need a tube so cannot be punctured. Be prepared for a bit of sweat when you're fitting it!

The inner section that fits into the rim is at maximum 21mm; it squashed pretty easily to 19mm so we'd say it's designed around a 20mm internal rim width.

Weight: 675 g.