Tyres 27"

No bikes are available with 27" tyres, but the tyres and some wheel remain available. We now stock some high quality Schwalbe as well as cheaper tyres for the bike kept under the holiday house.

Cheng Shin Ridge Rider Tyre 27 x 1-1/4


A quality Cheng Shin road-tread tyre for your old 27" bike. This tyre will fit under mudguards if they're fitted. Colour: black (including sidewalls).

ETRTO: 32-630. Maximum Inflation Pressure: 90psi.

Weight: 561g.

Duro Tyre 27 x 1 Speed Tread

Narrow 27" tyre suitable for some old racing bikes with 27" wheels that don't have room in the frame for a wider tyre.
ETRTO: 25-630. Weight: 365g.Inflation Pressure: 75psi.

Schwalbe Tyre HS159 Whitewall 27x 1-1/4


Schwalbe quality with puncture protection in the sometimes hard-to-get 27" size.

ETRTO: 28/32-630. Weight: 520g.

Schwalbe Tyre Marathon 27 x 1-1/4


A top quality tyre for your old 27" classic. Excellent puncture protection, extreme durability.

ETRTO: 32-630. Please Note: Express Post not available on this item.

Weight: 594g.

Vee Rubber Tyre Touring Tread 27 x 1-1/4

A slightly bigger bag than the average 27 x 1-1/4" tyre. Our most popular 27" tyre.

ETRTO: 32-630. Maximum Pressure: 85psi. All black tyre.

Weight: 500g.

Vee Rubber Tyre 27 x 1-1/4 W/W Speed

Fashion without poverty! We've found a white wall 27" tyre in a the low-budget Vee Rubber brand.

ETRTO: 32-630. Inflate to 85psi maximum.

Weight: 510g.