Tyres 24"

Wheelchair Tyres have been listed in a separate page. On this page we list the mountain bike style of 24" tyres.

Innova Tyre IA-2106 24 x 2.0

A general purpose 24" mountain bike tyre that gives reasonably fast rolling on a sealed road but bites into the dirt once the road gets soft.

ETRTO: 54-507. Inflation Pressure: 40-65psi. Made in China. Weight: 759g.

Kenda Komfort Tyre 24 x 1.75


A fast-rolling 24" tyre that will still give reasonable grip on unsealed surfaces.

ETRTO: 47-507. Inflation Pressure: 40 - 65psi. Made in China. Weight: 630g.

Vee Rubber Tyre Black 24 x 1-3/8

This is the old 24" size. If your bike is 25 years old or more and needs 24" tyres, these are probably the ones.

ETRTO: 37-540. Not interchangeable with tyres marked 24 x 1.75, 24 x 1.9, 24 x 2.125 etc. Made in Thailand.

Express Post not available on this item. Weight: 548g.