Tyres 22"

Used on some old U-frame bikes and folding bikes.

Duro Tyre 22 x 1 3/8 (37-501)


A rare tyre that might be what you need for your ancient bike...

Please note though: there are three different tyre sizes that are called 22 x 1-3/8. Please check carefully that this is the tyre size you need before ordering. If you're doing up an old Peugeot folding bike, this is NOT the tyre you need - please consider the Schwalbe tyre listed below.

ETRTO: 37-501. Inflation Pressure: 35 to 60 psi. Weight: 430g.

Innova Tyre 37-489 (22 x 1-3/8; 550A)

If you're needing a 22 x 1-3/8" tyre, please look carefully at your old wheel to read the ETRTO number. This tyre size is 37-489 which means that, yes, it's all of 1mm smaller in diameter than our item number 52304. You may need this tyre if your old folding bike came from The Netherlands....
ETRTO: 37-489. Maximum Inflation Pressure: 45psi. All black tyre. Weight: 462g.

Schwalbe Tyre 37-490 (22 x 1-3/8; 550A)

This size is also known as 22 x 1-3/8, and 550A. In Australia, the most common use for these tyres in on old Peugeot folding bikes which came with the 550A tyre size.

ETRTO: 37-490. Schwalbe Tread Code HS166. Gumwall sides. Note: Express Post not available on this tyre.

Weight: 482g. Recommended Tube: Our item code 51224.

CST Tyre 22 x 1.75

ETRTO: 47-457 (though it's not printed on the sidewall of this tyre - unusual...). Express Post not available on this tyre. All black.

Weight: 620g.

CST Wheelchair Tyre 22 x 1-3/8 Grey

24" wheelchair tyres outnumber 22" wheelchair tyres by a ratio of about a million to one. However, we've decided to stock a couple of these tyres anyway...
ETRTO: 37-501. Made by Cheng Shin - one of our favourite cheaper-end tyre brands as they supply good quality tyres. Maximum Pressure: 65psi. Made in China. Weight: 407g.