Tyres 16"

Used on children's bikes for around 4 to 7 years old, and on BOB trailers - Ibex & Yak.

Tyre 16 x 1.75 Smooth

Good tyre! Good value!

Maximum Inflation: 35psi

Weight: 380g.


Innova Tyre 16 x 1.75 Knobby

Innova tyres are well made and inexpensive.

ETRTO: 47-305. Maximum Recommended Pressure: 35psi.

Weight: 440g.

Tyre 16 x 2.125 HV-5102 Black

Innova tyres are well made and inexpensive.

ETRTO: 57-305. Maximum Pressure: 35psi. Made in China.

Weight: 540g.

Schwalbe Kojak Tyre 16 x 1-1/4 Wire

Although this fast and sporty slick tyre weighs only 228g, it still has a RaceGuard protection belt. This tyre now has reflective labels!

ETRTO: 32-349. Wire bead. Pressure Range: 70 to 115psi. Performance Line tyre.

Weight: 228g.

Innova Tyre IA-2502 20 x 2.125

This BMX tyre is sure to help you bust out some sweet tricks!

ETRTO 54-406. Maximum Pressure: 40-65psi

Weight: 770g