Mountain Bike Pumps

Mountain mini pumps move more air per stroke than road pumps. There's nothing to stop you using a road-specific mini pump to pump a fat mountain tyre, but you'll be pumping for a long time. We've included Topeak's Mini Master Blasters as they're a dual action pump, making them suitable for both purposes. Check out the Topeak Morph pumps: a floow pump is easy to use, a mini pump is easy to carry. A Morph pump is a portable pump that works like a floor pump - great for people who have trouble pumping their tyres to the required pressure, or keeping the pump properly engaged on the valve.

Topeak HybridRocket MT Pump

The Topeak Hybrid Rocket pumps are a great combination of a small and dependable pump combined with a simple CO2 inflator built into the handle. No more wondering which inflator to take with you on the ride.

The carry bracket also carries a couple of CO2 cartridges on the bike - convenient!

Shipping Weight: 289g.

Topeak Mini MasterBlaster Pump + Gauge

Small in size, big in performance. Great for on or off-road use. The perfect budget mini-pump.
Weight: 158g.

Topeak Mountain Morph Pump

The best pump for the trail.  Fill fat tires super fast.  Fold-out foot pad and hose turn this into a trailside floor pump.
Weight (including 25g clip): 255g.

Topeak Peakini II Bicycle Pump

Quality, lightweight, efficient single action MTB pump with T-handle.
Weight (including carry bracket): 140g.

Topeak RaceRocket Pump Black


A tiny, light, easily carried pump which has a modern version of the old-fashioned flexible pump hose - making the pump easier to use and less likely to damage the valve stem.

Weight: 85g.

Topeak RaceRocket MT Pump Black

The Topeak RaceRocket MT is the fattest version in the RaceRocket series of aluminium pumps with a universal flexible hose valve connection.
Shipping Weight: 168g.

XTech Mini Pump Plastic

Economical mini-pump with reversible valve washer to suit Schrader or Presta valves.
Small, convenient and effective. Light weight. Ergonomic handle. Reversible presta and Schrader valve compatible. Thumb-lock lever. Maximum Pressure: 80 psi. Frame mount bracket included (mounts on water bottle bosses and sits to the side of the water bottle). Pump Length: 255mm. Weight: 87g.