Toeclips & Straps

Toeclips locate the foot on the pedal, and stop it accidentally slipping forward and off the pedal. Used with toe straps, they also allow some degree of upward-pull during the pedal stroke. Toe straps are also awfully useful in tying things together very securely (such as bikes onto bike racks).

Toe Straps Nylon 450mm

As well as their intended use, bicycle toestraps are great little heavy duty load stabilisers - for example, securing your bike to a bike carrier.
Weight (pair): 50g.

Zefal Half Clips

Toe clips designed for use without straps. Supplied as a pair.

 Zefal make two sizes of half clip, but only one size is imported to Australia: these are the larger of the two sizes; L/XL, not S/M.

Shipping Weight: 80g.