Grease etc

Avid DOT Assembly Grease 1oz

To keep your disc brake pistons moving freely, this is the lube to use.

NOTE: This grease is designed for brakes that use brake fluid; do not use on Shimano brakes, which use mineral oil instead of brake fluid.

Weight: 55g.

Buzzys Slick Honey 2oz Tube

Buzzy's Slick Honey is the Bee's knees when it comes to grease.
Weight: 61g.

Exustar Grease Gun

The Exustar Grease Gun allows precise application of bicycle grease and allows the grease to be kept perfectly clean in its tube.

This grease gun fits the Zefal Grease Tube, and Buzzy's Slick Honey Tube, among others. It does not fit the Dura-Ace grease tube (which comes with its own applicator).

Shipping Weight: 78g.

Park Super Grip Paste

Helps create a tighter grip between two slippery surfaces. Ideal for carbon, aluminium and steel seatposts, handlebars and stems.
Note: Not for threaded surfaces. Do not use for bearing lubrication. 4 oz (118ml) tube.

ProGold EPX Grease 453g

**Temporarily Unavailable**
Experience the amazing benefits of Metal Friction Reducer Technology!

MFR molecules bond to the metal, creating a sacrificial surface that reduces friction and wear by about 50%. This layer of lubrication actually extends the life of the metal. MFR technology has excellent penetration, is oxidation and corrosion inhibiting, and sheds contamination. EPX grease has a high temperature melting point.

ProGold incorporates MFR technology into its entire line of products.

Rohloff All Season Oil 25ml

Lubricating oil for the Rohloff Speedhub 500/14.
Weight: 28g.

Rohloff Cleaning Oil 25ml

Cleaning oil for Rohloff Speedhub 500/14.

When changing the oil in the Rohloff Speedhub 500/14, the old oil is drained out, 25ml of this cleaning oil is pumped in, circulated and then drained, then 25ml of Rohloff lubricating oil is pumped in to finish.

Weight: 28g.

Rohloff Oil Change Kit

The Rohloff Oil Change Kit includes 25ml of All Season Oil, 25ml of Cleaning Oil, a filler hose and drain screw.
Weight: 99g.

Shimano Disc Brake Mineral Oil 1 Litre

You'll get plenty of bleeds from this bottle!

Suitable for hydraulic brake systems that use mineral oil (ie Shimano, Tektro). NOT suitable for brakes that use brake fluid!

Weight: 906g.

Shimano Dura Ace Grease 100g Tube


Our favourite grease for use in high quality components. In an easy-to-use tube to keep the grease clean and so you can squeeze the grease just where you need it. (Please note this tube is not compatible with the mini grease guns such as Shimano and Buzzy's.)

Weight: 110g.

Shimano Dura Ace Grease 50g

Dura Ace Grease 50g
Superb grease. Not cheap, but hard to fault.
Made in Germany. Weight: 63g.

Shimano Internal Hub Service Set

This set comprises a 1 litre tin of internal hub maintenance oil and a plastic container designed to hold the internal of your hub while soaking in the maintenance oil.
Shimano Part Number Y00298010. Shipping Weight: 1.338 kg.

Shimano SG-S700 Oil 50ml

Shimano oil produced specifically for use in their internal multi-speed hubs.
Shimano Part Number: Y13098481. Weight: 64g.

Shimano SG-S700 Oil Bulk (per Litre)

Instead of buying 50ml of SG-700 oil for $20, you can refill your own container here for half that price.

If pressed to it, we can supply some dodgy looking containers for the job (Minimum purchase 100ml).

To enter a quantity to purchase, put the amount in litres (using decimals).

Shipping Weight: 1g/ml.

Wurth HHS 2000 Penetrating Grease 350g

Originally intended for workshop use only, this penetrating grease has proved itself so useful we had to offer it to our customers too.

When you spray it on, it's a frothing, penetrating lube. Wait a while, and it becomes a think and sticky grease. It allows us to effectively lubricate V-brake bosses while assembling or servicing bikes without pulling them off the studs. It allows us to get some grease into hubs and bottom brackets of cheap bikes that don't warrant a full overhaul and bearing replacement. It's also what we use in seat tubes and head tubes to ensure that seat pillars and head stems don't corrode into place. Brilliant stuff. Weight: 482g.

Wurth Ultra 2040 500ml

A premium quality multi-purpose penetrant, lubricant and water displacer containing PTFE for long-term lubrication.
Made in China. Weight: 453g.