Bicycle Hub Dust Seals

Replacement hub steel dust covers are generally not available as a spare part.

When they are damaged during removal, they can often be fixed by laying them flat side down on a sturdy bench (open side up); sitting the ball end of a ball peen hammer in the middle and giving that hammer a sturdy blow with a mallet (not with another hardened steel hammer - that's dangerous!). This will often open it up marginally and round out the rougher bits so it works OK.

Shimano FH-M785 Seal Ring

Shimano Part Number: Y26D10000.

Shimano HB-4500 Seal Ring

Shimano front hub dust cover; fits several Shimano front hubs.

Shimano Part Number Y2TA06000. Fits HB-4500, HB-3500, HB-M525, HB-T660, HB-4600 and HB-M435.

Weight: 2g.

Shimano WH-RS80-A Front Hub Cover

Replacement hub cover for Shimano WH-RS80-A-C24 and WH-RS80-C50.
Weight: 2g.

Shimano HB-M775 Dust Cap

Dust cap also suits a myriad of other XT level hubs including M770, M785, M8000 (some).
Shimano part number Y26J11000.