Bicycle Quick Release Skewers

QR Skewer Front

Front wheel quick release skewer.
 Weight: 90g.

Quick Release Skewer Rear Long

Extra long rear skewer - not often needed, but handy when it is!

In closed position, the distance between the inside face of the QR end, and the tip of the skewer (nut removed) is 174mm.

Weight: 100g.

Quick Release Skewer Steel Rear

Rear Quick Release skewer suitable for use in training stands as it has the traditional lever shape and a steel cone-nut.

For road bikes (designed for 130mm over-locknut-dimension), but can also be used on mountain bikes (steel nut will not screw on far enough to engage the nylok section of the nut but does engage sufficiently to be strong and secure). Weight: 100g.

Shimano Sora Front QR Skewer Black


Top quality Shimano front skewer with alloy lever. Suitable for mountain bikes and road bikes.

Weight: 59g.

Shimano FH-M785 Rear Skewer Black

Top quality rear quick release skewer with black anodized lever.

From FH-M785

Weight: 65g.

Skewer Nut

Replacement nut for bicycle quick release skewer.
Steel inner, plastic outer. Standard M5 skewer thread. Weight: 8g.

Volute Spring

This is the little spring that fits to each end of your quick release skewer to keep it centred in the wheel, enabling easy fitting of your wheel to your bicycle.
Weight: 1g.

Shimano HB-M785 Front QR Skewer

XT level skewer, suits M785 front hub, our part number 2856.