Shimano Rear Hub Cones & Axles

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We recommend replacing the balls when you service your hub. Balls appear at the end of this page.

 Shimano Rear Hub & Wheel Axles and Cones


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 Rear Wheel  Description  Axle Kit  Left Cone  Right Cone
 FH-1055  105   Info N/A Info N/A  rc14
 FH-1056  105-SC  931D98020  Info N/A  rc14
 FH-3300  Sora  Y3BJ98010  rc06 rc07
 FH-3500  Sora  Y3E098010  Y3E098030  Y3E098020
 FH-4400  Tiagra  Y3BH98010  Info N/A  rc07
 FH-4500  Tiagra  Y3CR98020  Y3CR98050  1358
 FH-5500  105  Y3BX98030  Y3BX98050  rc14
 FH-5501  105  Y3BX98030  Y3BX98050  rc14
 WH-5600  105  Y4CD98070  Y4CD98090  Note-1
 FH-5700  105  Y3TA98030  Y3TA98050  Y3TA98040
 FH-6402  600 Ultegra  Y32V98020  Info N/A  Info N/A
 FH-6500  Ultegra  Y32U98020  Note-3  rc15
 WH-6500  Ultegra 9-speed  Y4A398010  Note-3  rc15
 FH-6600  Ultegra  Y3C998040 rc13  rc14
 WH-6600  Ultegra  Y4CF98050  Y4CF98060  Y4BR98080
 WH-6700  Ultegra 8/9/10-speed  Y4FP98010  rc24  rc25
 WH-6800  Ultegra  Y49398030  Y49398050  Y49398040
 FH-7403  Dura-Ace  Y35498060  Info N/A  Y35498040
 FH-7700  Dura-Ace 9-Speed  Y3A098020  Note-1  rc18
 WH-7700  Racing Wheel  Y3A098020  Note-1  rc11
 WH-7700-C  Dura-Ace 9-speed Carbon  Y3A098020  Note-1  rc11
 WH-7701  Dura-Ace 9-speed  Y3A098020  Note-1  rc11
 WH-7701-C  Dura-Ace 9-speed Carbon  Y3A098020  Note-1  rc11
 FH-7800  Dura-Ace 10-Speed  Y3B998010  Y3B998040  Y3B998030
 WH-7800  Dura-Ace 10-speed  Y4B998070  Y4B998080  Y3B998030
 WH-7801  Dura-Ace Clincher/Tubular  Y4BN98110  Y4BN98120  Y3CM98030
 WH-7801-C  Dura-Ace, Carbon Rim  Y4BN98110  Y4BN98120  Y3CM98030
 WH-7801-C50  Dura-Ace, 50mm Carbon Rim  Y4CS98040  Y4CS98050  Y3CM98030
 WH-7801-SL  Dura-Ace  Y4BN98110  Y4BN98120  Y3CM98030
 WH-7850 (All)  Dura-Ace  Y3D898020  Y3D198040  Y3D198030
 FH-7900  Dura-Ace  Y3D898020  Y3D898040  Y3D898030
 WH-9000-C24  Carbon 24mm Clincher, Tubeless & Tubular  Y3DZ98030  Y3DZ98040  Y3D898030
 FH-7R46  Nexus 7-Speed  not applicable  rc23  Y35K98100
 FH-A410  RSX  Y3AV98020  rc06  rc14
 FH-A416  RSX  Y3BB98010  rc06  rc14
 FH-A551  RX-100  Y30L98010  rc06  rc10
 FH-C201  8-Speed Rear Hub  Info N/A  rc12  rc12
 FH-CT90  Altus  Y3SE98020  rc12  rc12
 FH-CT91  Acera  Info N/A  rc12  rc12
 FH-HG50  Exage  Info N/A  rc12  rc12
 FH-IM40  Nexus with Roller Brake  N/A  Y31Z05010  Y22008510
 FH-M290  Acera-X (without seal)  Y3SE98020  rc12  rc12
 FH-M330  Acera  Y3AP98050  rc12  rc10
 FH-M435  Freehub for Disc Brake  Y3T998040  Y3T998020  Y3T898040
 FH-M475  Alivio 6-Bolt 2811  rc06  rc10
 FH-M510  Deore  Y3BL98020   rc16  rc14
 FH-M525  Deore 6-Bolt  55201  Y3AE98030  rc14
 FH-M525-A  Deore 6-Bolt  00898  Info N/A  Info N/A
 FH-M529  Deore  Y3SX98010  Y3SX98020  rc22
 FH-M530  Deore  Y3SR98010  rc16  rc14
 FH-M535  Deore Centrelock  Y3SS98010   rc19  rc14
 WH-M535  LX/Deore V-Brake  Y4A998010  rc16  rc14
 WH-M540  LX/Deore V-Brake  Y4A998010  rc16  rc14
 FH-M555  Deore 6-Bolt  Y3BP98010  rc16  rc14
 FH-M565  Deore LX  Y30R98020  rc16  rc14
 WH-M565  MTB Rear Wheel  Y4C698060  Y4C698080  rc14
 FH-M570  Deore LX  Y3BD98020  rc16  rc14
 WH-M575  LX/Deore 6-Bolt Disc  Y4AF98020  rc16  rc14
 FH-M580    Y3C698010  rc16   rc14
 FH-M585  Deore LX  Y3C798030   rc19  rc14
 FH-M590  Deore 8/9 Speed  Y3SV98010  rc05  Y3SW98020
 FH-M595  Deore 8/9sp Disc  Y3SW98010  rc29  rc30
 FH-M629  8/9-Speed  Y3SY98010  Y3SY98020  Y3D398040
 FH-M665  SLX  Y3D398030  Y3D398050  Y3D398040
 FH-M737  Deore XT 8-Speed  Y32P98020  Y32P98030  Y32P09000
 FH-M750  Deore XT  Y3BC98020  T32P98030  Y32P09000
 FH-M752  Deore XT  Y3B698030  Y3B698040  rc14
 FH-M755  Deore XT 6-Bolt  Y3BW98010  Y3BK98040  Y32P09000
 FH-M756  Deore XT 6-Bolt  Y3BW98010  Y3BW98040  rc14
 FH-M760  Deore XT  Y3C098020  rc16  rc14
 FH-M765  Deore XT  Y3C198010  rc19  rc14
 WH-M765  XT Centrelock  Y4BB98040  rc19  rc14
 FH-M770  Deore XT  Y3CZ98010  Y3CZ98030  Y3CZ98020
 FH-M775  Deore XT Centrelock  Y3D098050  rc21  00440
 WH-M775  XT Centrelock  00129  rc21  00440
 WH-M776  Deore XT Wheel All-Mountain  00129  rc21  00440
 FH-M785  Deore XT  00129  Y3TG98040  Y3CZ98020
 WH-M785  Deore XT  00129  Y3TG98040  Y3CZ98020
 FH-M788  Deore XT  Y3TH98010  Y3TH98030  Y3TH98020
 FH-M800  Saint  not applicable  Y3C298090  Y3C298060
 FH-M950  XTR  Y32T98020  Y32T98040  Y32T98030
 WH-M959  XTR 6-Bolt  Y4A798020  Y32T98040  Y32T98030
 FH-M960  XTR  Y3BY98020  Y32T98040  Y3BY98030
 FH-M965  XTR  Y3BY98020  Y32T98040  Y3BY98030
 WH-M965  XTR Centrelock  Y3BY98020  Y32T98040  Y3BY98030
 FH-M970  XTR  Y3CN98030  Y3CN98050  Y3CN98040
 WH-M975  XTR Rear Wheel  Y3CN98030  Y3CN98050  Y3CN98040
 FH-MC12  Alivio  Y3AP98050  rc12  rc14
 FH-MC18  Alivio  Y3BL98020  Y3SK98030  rc14
 FH-MC30  STX  Y3AM98040  Info N/A  rc14
 FH-MC32  STX  Y3AM98040  rc16  rc14
 FH-MC38  STX-RC  Y30R98020  rc16  rc14
 WH-MT65  8/9-Speed 6-Bolt  Y4EZ98010  Y4EZ98020  Y4FL98060
 WH-MT65  8/9-Speed Centrelock  Y4FL98050  Y4FL98070  Y4FL98060
 WH-MT75  Rear Wheel 8/9-Speed  Y3D098050  rc21  Y3CZ98020
 FH-R050  Silent Clutch - 7  Info N/A  rc12  rc10
 FH-R080  Silent Clutch - 8  Y3AX98020  rc16  rc14
 WH-R500  Road Wheel  1467  rc09  rc14
 WH-R501  Rear Wheel 8/9/10-speed  Y4SK98030 rc04  rc17
 WH-R535  105/Tiagra 9-speed  Y4AD98010  rc09  rc07
 WH-R540  105/Tiagra 9-speed  Y4AD98010  rc09  rc07
 WH-R550  Road Wheel  Y4C498050  rc09  rc07
 WH-R560  Rear Wheel 8/9-Speed  Y4C498050  Y4C498070  rc07
 WH-R561  Rear Wheel 8/9-Speed  Y4CD98070  Y4CD98090  rc07
 WH-R580  Rear Wheel 8/9-Speed  Info N/A  Y4CD98090  rc07
 WH-R600 Rear Wheel 10-Speed  Y4BR98070  Y4BR98100  Y4BR98090
 WH-R601  Rear Wheel 10-Speed  Y4CF98050  Y4CF98060  Y4BR98090
 FH-RM30-7  Acera 7-Speed  Y3CC98020  rc12  rc12
 FH-RM30-8  Acera 8-Speed  Y3CE98020  rc12  rc12
 FH-RM40-7  Altus 7-Speed  Y3SE98020  rc12  rc12
 FH-RM40-8  Altus 8-Speed  Y3SM98010  rc12  rc12
 FH-RM50  Rear Hub  Info N/A  rc12  Info N/A
 FH-RM60  Acera  Y3CF98030  rc12  rc10
 FH-RM65  Acera 8/9-Speed  55206  rc10  rc10
 FH-RM66  8/9/10-Speed  Y3TD98010  Y3TD98030  Y3TD98020
 WH-RS10  Rear Wheel 8/9/10-Speed  Y4GE98370  1356 rc08
 WH-RS20  Rear Wheel 8/9/10-Speed  Y4EW98070  Y4DV98100  Y3CR98030
 WH-RS30  Rear Wheel 8/9/10-Speed  Y4EW98070  Y4EW98100  rc28
 WH-RS61  Rear Wheel 10/11-Speed  Y49Y98010  Y49Y98020  Y49V98020
 WH-RS80  Rear Wheel 8/9/10-Speed  Y4EW98070  Y4EW98100  rc28
 FH-T660  Deore LX  Y3D698010  rc05  rc22


Note 1 (Shimano Rear Cones)

Formerly rc05

Note 3 (Shimano Rear Cones)

Note 4 (Shimano Rear Cones)

Shimano Ball Retainer 3/16"


Shimano FH-3300 Rear Left Cone

Shimano FH-4500 Rear Right Cone+Locknut


Shimano FH-6500 Rear Right Cone

Shimano FH-M475 Rear Axle Kit


Shimano FH-M475 Rear Right Cone


Shimano FH-M510 Rear Right Cone

Shimano FH-M525 Rear Axle Kit

Shimano FH-M525-A Rear Axle Kit

Shimano FH-M529 Rear Right Cone/Locknut

Shimano FH-M530 Rear Left Cone+Locknut

Shimano FH-M590 Left Cone+Locknut

Shimano FH-M595 Left Cone+Locknut

Shimano FH-M595 Right Cone+Locknut

Shimano FH-M775 Rear Left Cone/Locknut

Shimano FH-M785 Rear Axle Kit


Shimano FH-RM40 Rear Right Cone

Shimano FH-RM65 Rear Axle Kit

Shimano WH-6700 Rear Right Cone+Locknut

Shimano WH-M765 Rear Left Cone

Shimano WH-R501 Rear Left Cone+Locknut

Shimano WH-R501 Rear Right Cone+Locknut