Shimano Rear Hub Cones & Axles

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We recommend replacing the balls when you service your hub. Balls appear at the end of this page.

 Shimano Rear Hub & Wheel Axles and Cones


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 Rear Wheel  Description  Axle Kit  Left Cone  Right Cone
 FH-1055  105   Info N/A Info N/A  rc14
 FH-1056  105-SC  931D98020  Info N/A  rc14
 FH-3300  Sora  Y3BJ98010  rc06 rc07
 FH-3500  Sora  Y3E098010  Y3E098030  Y3E098020
 FH-4400  Tiagra  Y3BH98010  Info N/A  rc07
 FH-4500  Tiagra  Y3CR98020  Y3CR98050  1358
 FH-5500  105  Y3BX98030  Y3BX98050  rc14
 FH-5501  105  Y3BX98030  Y3BX98050  rc14
 WH-5600  105  Y4CD98070  Y4CD98090  Note-1
 FH-5700  105  Y3TA98030  Y3TA98050  Y3TA98040
 FH-6402  600 Ultegra  Y32V98020  Info N/A  Info N/A
 FH-6500  Ultegra  Y32U98020  Note-3  rc15
 WH-6500  Ultegra 9-speed  Y4A398010  Note-3  rc15
 FH-6600  Ultegra  Y3C998040 rc13  rc14
 WH-6600  Ultegra  Y4CF98050  Y4CF98060  Y4BR98080
 WH-6700  Ultegra 8/9/10-speed  Y4FP98010  rc24  rc25
 WH-6800  Ultegra  Y49398030  Y49398050  Y49398040
 FH-7403  Dura-Ace  Y35498060  Info N/A  Y35498040
 FH-7700  Dura-Ace 9-Speed  Y3A098020  Note-1  rc18
 WH-7700  Racing Wheel  Y3A098020  Note-1  rc11
 WH-7700-C  Dura-Ace 9-speed Carbon  Y3A098020  Note-1  rc11
 WH-7701  Dura-Ace 9-speed  Y3A098020  Note-1  rc11
 WH-7701-C  Dura-Ace 9-speed Carbon  Y3A098020  Note-1  rc11
 FH-7800  Dura-Ace 10-Speed  Y3B998010  Y3B998040  Y3B998030
 WH-7800  Dura-Ace 10-speed  Y4B998070  Y4B998080  Y3B998030
 WH-7801  Dura-Ace Clincher/Tubular  Y4BN98110  Y4BN98120  Y3CM98030
 WH-7801-C  Dura-Ace, Carbon Rim  Y4BN98110  Y4BN98120  Y3CM98030
 WH-7801-C50  Dura-Ace, 50mm Carbon Rim  Y4CS98040  Y4CS98050  Y3CM98030
 WH-7801-SL  Dura-Ace  Y4BN98110  Y4BN98120  Y3CM98030
 WH-7850 (All)  Dura-Ace  Y3D898020  Y3D198040  Y3D198030
 FH-7900  Dura-Ace  Y3D898020  Y3D898040  Y3D898030
 WH-9000-C24  Carbon 24mm Clincher, Tubeless & Tubular  Y3DZ98030  Y3DZ98040  Y3D898030
 FH-7R46  Nexus 7-Speed  not applicable  rc23  Y35K98100
 FH-A410  RSX  Y3AV98020  rc06  rc14
 FH-A416  RSX  Y3BB98010  rc06  rc14
 FH-A551  RX-100  Y30L98010  rc06  rc10
 FH-C201  8-Speed Rear Hub  Info N/A  rc12  rc12
 FH-CT90  Altus  Y3SE98020  rc12  rc12
 FH-CT91  Acera  Info N/A  rc12  rc12
 FH-HG50  Exage  Info N/A  rc12  rc12
 FH-IM40  Nexus with Roller Brake  N/A  Y31Z05010  Y22008510
 FH-M290  Acera-X (without seal)  Y3SE98020  rc12  rc12
 FH-M330  Acera  Y3AP98050  rc12  rc10
 FH-M435  Freehub for Disc Brake  Y3T998040  Y3T998020  Y3T898040
 FH-M475  Alivio 6-Bolt 2811  rc06  rc10
 FH-M510  Deore  Y3BL98020   rc16  rc14
 FH-M525  Deore 6-Bolt  55201  Y3AE98030  rc14
 FH-M525-A  Deore 6-Bolt  00898  Info N/A  Info N/A
 FH-M529  Deore  Y3SX98010  Y3SX98020  rc22
 FH-M530  Deore  Y3SR98010  rc16  rc14
 FH-M535  Deore Centrelock  Y3SS98010   rc19  rc14
 WH-M535  LX/Deore V-Brake  Y4A998010  rc16  rc14
 WH-M540  LX/Deore V-Brake  Y4A998010  rc16  rc14
 FH-M555  Deore 6-Bolt  Y3BP98010  rc16  rc14
 FH-M565  Deore LX  Y30R98020  rc16  rc14
 WH-M565  MTB Rear Wheel  Y4C698060  Y4C698080  rc14
 FH-M570  Deore LX  Y3BD98020  rc16  rc14
 WH-M575  LX/Deore 6-Bolt Disc  Y4AF98020  rc16  rc14
 FH-M580    Y3C698010  rc16   rc14
 FH-M585  Deore LX  Y3C798030   rc19  rc14
 FH-M590  Deore 8/9 Speed  Y3SV98010  rc05  Y3SW98020
 FH-M595  Deore 8/9sp Disc  Y3SW98010  rc29  rc30
 FH-M629  8/9-Speed  Y3SY98010  Y3SY98020  Y3D398040
 FH-M665  SLX  Y3D398030  Y3D398050  Y3D398040
 FH-M737  Deore XT 8-Speed  Y32P98020  Y32P98030  Y32P09000
 FH-M750  Deore XT  Y3BC98020  T32P98030  Y32P09000
 FH-M752  Deore XT  Y3B698030  Y3B698040  rc14
 FH-M755  Deore XT 6-Bolt  Y3BW98010  Y3BK98040  Y32P09000
 FH-M756  Deore XT 6-Bolt  Y3BW98010  Y3BW98040  rc14
 FH-M760  Deore XT  Y3C098020  rc16  rc14
 FH-M765  Deore XT  Y3C198010  rc19  rc14
 WH-M765  XT Centrelock  Y4BB98040  rc19  rc14
 FH-M770  Deore XT  Y3CZ98010  Y3CZ98030  Y3CZ98020
 FH-M775  Deore XT Centrelock  Y3D098050  rc21  00440
 WH-M775  XT Centrelock  00129  rc21  00440
 WH-M776  Deore XT Wheel All-Mountain  00129  rc21  00440
 FH-M785  Deore XT  00129  Y3TG98040  Y3CZ98020
 WH-M785  Deore XT  00129  Y3TG98040  Y3CZ98020
 FH-M788  Deore XT  Y3TH98010  Y3TH98030  Y3TH98020
 FH-M800  Saint  not applicable  Y3C298090  Y3C298060
 FH-M950  XTR  Y32T98020  Y32T98040  Y32T98030
 WH-M959  XTR 6-Bolt  Y4A798020  Y32T98040  Y32T98030
 FH-M960  XTR  Y3BY98020  Y32T98040  Y3BY98030
 FH-M965  XTR  Y3BY98020  Y32T98040  Y3BY98030
 WH-M965  XTR Centrelock  Y3BY98020  Y32T98040  Y3BY98030
 FH-M970  XTR  Y3CN98030  Y3CN98050  Y3CN98040
 WH-M975  XTR Rear Wheel  Y3CN98030  Y3CN98050  Y3CN98040
 FH-MC12  Alivio  Y3AP98050  rc12  rc14
 FH-MC18  Alivio  Y3BL98020  Y3SK98030  rc14
 FH-MC30  STX  Y3AM98040  Info N/A  rc14
 FH-MC32  STX  Y3AM98040  rc16  rc14
 FH-MC38  STX-RC  Y30R98020  rc16  rc14
 WH-MT65  8/9-Speed 6-Bolt  Y4EZ98010  Y4EZ98020  Y4FL98060
 WH-MT65  8/9-Speed Centrelock  Y4FL98050  Y4FL98070  Y4FL98060
 WH-MT75  Rear Wheel 8/9-Speed  Y3D098050  rc21  Y3CZ98020
 FH-R050  Silent Clutch - 7  Info N/A  rc12  rc10
 FH-R080  Silent Clutch - 8  Y3AX98020  rc16  rc14
 WH-R500  Road Wheel  1467  rc09  rc14
 WH-R501  Rear Wheel 8/9/10-speed  Y4SK98030 rc04  rc17
 WH-R535  105/Tiagra 9-speed  Y4AD98010  rc09  rc07
 WH-R540  105/Tiagra 9-speed  Y4AD98010  rc09  rc07
 WH-R550  Road Wheel  Y4C498050  rc09  rc07
 WH-R560  Rear Wheel 8/9-Speed  Y4C498050  Y4C498070  rc07
 WH-R561  Rear Wheel 8/9-Speed  Y4CD98070  Y4CD98090  rc07
 WH-R580  Rear Wheel 8/9-Speed  Info N/A  Y4CD98090  rc07
 WH-R600 Rear Wheel 10-Speed  Y4BR98070  Y4BR98100  Y4BR98090
 WH-R601  Rear Wheel 10-Speed  Y4CF98050  Y4CF98060  Y4BR98090
 FH-RM30-7  Acera 7-Speed  Y3CC98020  rc12  rc12
 FH-RM30-8  Acera 8-Speed  Y3CE98020  rc12  rc12
 FH-RM40-7  Altus 7-Speed  Y3SE98020  rc12  rc12
 FH-RM40-8  Altus 8-Speed  Y3SM98010  rc12  rc12
 FH-RM50  Rear Hub  Info N/A  rc12  Info N/A
 FH-RM60  Acera  Y3CF98030  rc12  rc10
 FH-RM65  Acera 8/9-Speed  55206  rc10  rc10
 FH-RM66  8/9/10-Speed  Y3TD98010  Y3TD98030  Y3TD98020
 WH-RS10  Rear Wheel 8/9/10-Speed  Y4GE98370  1356 rc08
 WH-RS20  Rear Wheel 8/9/10-Speed  Y4EW98070  Y4DV98100  Y3CR98030
 WH-RS30  Rear Wheel 8/9/10-Speed  Y4EW98070  Y4EW98100  rc28
 WH-RS61  Rear Wheel 10/11-Speed  Y49Y98010  Y49Y98020  Y49V98020
 WH-RS80  Rear Wheel 8/9/10-Speed  Y4EW98070  Y4EW98100  rc28
 FH-T660  Deore LX  Y3D698010  rc05  rc22


Note 1 (Shimano Rear Cones)


Re: Shimano Part Number Y3A098040 (FH7700 Rear Left Cone).

This cone is no longer available. We recommend using our item code rc22. Whereas the FH-7700 cone was 13.7mm deep, rc22 is 14mm deep. Not perfect, but we don't have a better suggestion. The dust cap on the rc22 might not work; in this case you may be able to remove the dust cover from your old cone and fit it to the new one.

Note 3 (Shimano Rear Cones)


RE: Shimano Part Number Y32U98040 (Shimano FH-6500 Rear Left Cone, M10 x 16mm, to suit FH-6500 and WH-6500, left side)

This cone is no longer available We recommend using our item code rc13 in its place - it has the same dimensions; the only difference should be the look and shape of the dust cover. Also you will need to check that the supplied rubber seal works with your hub - if not, simply remove it.

Note 4 (Shimano Rear Cones)

formerly rc11

Re: Shimano Part Number Y3A098030 (FH-7700 Right Rear Cone; M10 x 13.2mm with rubber dust seal).

This cone is no longer available. Though we've not needed to do this in our workshop, we expect you can use our product code rc14, possibly with the use of additional Wheels Manufacturing spacers (available further down this page).

Shimano Ball Retainer 3/16"

This Shimano ball retainer is used in the following Deore XT hubs and wheels: FH-M770, FH-M775, FH-M785, HB-M770, HB-M775, HB-M785, WH-M776, WH-MT75.

Shimano Part Number Y26J98030.

Weight: 5g.

Shimano FH-3300 Rear Left Cone

Suits FH-M475 (left); FH-3300 (left); FH-A410 (left); FH-A416 (left); FH-A551 (left).

M10 x 15.1mm. Plastic seal rings included.

Shimano Part Number: Y22098080.

Weight: 14g.

Shimano FH-4500 Rear Right Cone+Locknut

Replacement cone, washer and locknut for Shimano rear hub FH-4500 (right side).

Shimano Part Number: Y3CR98030. Shipping Weight: 24g.

Shimano FH-6600 Rear Left Cone

Replacement Rear Hub Cone (Left Side) for Shimano FH-6600.
Shimano Part Number: Y3C998030. M10 x 16mm. Steel eust cover and rubber dust seal included. Weight: 16g.

Shimano FH-M475 Rear Axle Kit

Fits FH-M475 (Alivio 6-Bolt). Axle complete with cones, spacers and locknuts.

Shimano Part Number: Y3B598030.

Shipping Weight: 100g.

Shimano FH-M475 Rear Right Cone


Fits Shimano FH-A551 (right); FH-M330 (right); FH-M475 (right); FH-R050 (right); FH-RM60 (right), FH-RM65 (right).

Also can be used in place of Shimano Part Number Y2TC98030 (for FH-RM65 left). It is the same shape and size; its seal rings are in a slightly different place so the seal mechanism won't be perfect but the result is otherwise excellent.

Shimano Part Number: Y30G90500. M10 x 15mm. Plastic seal rings included. Weight: 13g.

Shimano FH-M510 Rear Right Cone

Fits FH-6600, FH-M510, FH-M525, FH-M530, FH-M555, FH-M563, FH-M565, FH-M570, FH-M580, FH-M737, FH-M750, FH-M752, FH-M755, FH-M756, FH-M760, FH-M765, FH-MC12, FH-MC18, FH-MC30, FH-MC32, FH-MC38, FH-R080, WH-M535, WH-M565, WH-M575, WH-M765, WH-R500.

Shimano Part Number Y3AE03000. M10 x 9mm. No seals. Replaces cone number 32P09000 and Y3AE03100. Weight: 6g.

Shimano FH-M525 Rear Axle Kit

Suits FH-M525.

Shimano Part Number: Y3SP98010. Balls not included. Weight: 97g.

Shimano FH-M525-A Rear Axle Kit

Rear axle with cones, spacers and locknuts to suit Shimano rear hub FH-M525-A.

The seal system has changed with the -A version of the FH-M525 hub and the parts are not readily interchangeable.

Weight: 91g.

Shimano FH-M529 Rear Right Cone/Locknut

Replacement Right Cone and locknut for Shimano freehub FH-T660 and FH-M529.
Shimano Part Number: Y3D698020. Cone: M10 x 14mm. Weight (including locknut): 19g.

Shimano FH-M530 Rear Left Cone+Locknut

Replacement Left Cone and locknut for Shimano Deore Freehub FH-M530. Will also work as a substitute for the no longer available Shimano Part Number: Y30P98030 which fits FH-M555, FH-M565, FH-M570, FH-M737, FH-M750, FH-M752, FH-MC38, WH-M535, WH-M575, and Shimano Part Number Y3C098030 which fits FH-M580 and FH-M760. It will also fit the following hubs whose original cones are no longer available: FH-MC32 (left) and FH-M510 (left). Please note - with the substituted items, the cone will work but the spacers and locknut may not.
Shimano Part Number: Y3SR98030. Cone: M10 x 16mm.Weight: 37g.

Shimano FH-M590 Left Cone+Locknut

Replacement Left Cone and locknut for Shimano freehub FH-M590. The cone also fits FH-T660.

Shimano Part Number: Y3SV98020.

The cone itself works fine as a replacement for Shimano Part Number Y3D698030, (Left Cone/Locknut from Shimano FH-T660) The spacer is 0.4mm thicker, and the locknut 0.5mm thinner according to our measurements so we recommend using your original ones if possible if you're servicing an FH-T660 hub. However, as it's a swings and roundabouts situation, you should be able to replace the complete 3-piece assembly without a problem.

Cone: M10 x 15mm. Weight: 26g.

Shimano FH-M595 Left Cone+Locknut


Fits FH-M595 rear hub, left side.

Shimano Part Number: Y3SW98030. Cone is M10 x 15mm.

Shipping Weight: 30g.

Shimano FH-M595 Right Cone+Locknut

Fits FH-M595 rear hub, right side.
Shimano Part Number: Y3SW98020. Cone is M10 x 14mm. Shipping Weight: 20g.

Shimano FH-M775 Rear Left Cone/Locknut

Replacement left cone and locknut for Shimano XT Hub FH-M775.

 Shimano Part Number Y3D098060. Weight: 27g.

Shimano FH-M785 Rear Axle Kit

Complete replacement axle, cones, locknuts and bearings for Shimano Deore XT freehub FH-M785. Also suits FH-M775. The axle and RH cone suit FH-M770 but there is apparently a difference in the left cone.

Shimano Part Number: Y3TG98030. Weight: 93g. Re using this in FH-M775, this is a "class B" interchangeable item according to Shimano - this means it is fully interchangeable but has some cosmetic difference. As far as we can tell, the difference is in the left side "locknut" which is scalloped out slightly. As they're almost identical, we're reusing the photo from the FH-M775 axle kit.Shimano Part Number of FH-M775 Rear Axle Kit is Y3D098050.

Shimano FH-RM40 Rear Right Cone


Fits FH-RM40 7 speed (right side), FH-RM40 8 speed (right side), FH-2200, FH-RM30 7 speed (left and right), FH-RM30 8 speed (left and right) and FH-C201 (left and right; not an official Shimano listed match, but we've done so successfully in the workshop), FH-CT90 (right side), FH-CT91 (left and right), FH-HG50 (right side), FH-M290 (right side). Also suits FH-RM50, FH-M290, FH-CT90, FH-RM40-7, FH-RM40-8, FH-HG50.

This is our suggested substitute for the discontinued Shimano Part Number Y3AC98050 (for FH-M330 left, FH-R050, FH-MC12, FH-RM60), but it does not include a dust seal - see "More details" for advice on this.

M10 x 15mm. No seals. Shimano Part Number: Y30G03000. Workshop observation suggests this cone and Shimano Part Number Y38408202 are identical.  Weight: 15g.

Shimano FH-RM65 Rear Axle Kit

Suits FH-RM65

Axle, cones, locknuts and balls (1/4" x 18) included. Shimano Part Number: Y3CT98010.

Shimano WH-6700 Rear Left Cone/Locknut

Replacement left cone, locknut and spacer for Shimano WH-6700 rear wheel (Ultegra 8/9/10-speed wheel).
Shimano Part Number: Y4FP98030. Weight: 28g. Cone Thread: M10. Cone Depth: 15.2mm. Spacer Depth: 4.8mm.

Shimano WH-6700 Rear Right Cone+Locknut

Replacement Right Cone for Shimano Rear Wheel WH-6700.
Shimano Part Number: Y4FP98020. Shipping Weight: 24g.

Shimano WH-M765 Rear Left Cone

Fits Shimano Rear Wheel WH-M765 (left side). Also suitable replacement for Shimano Part Numbers Y3SS98020 and Y3C798020  which fit FH-M535 (left side) and FH-M585 (left side).

M10 x 16mm. Dust Cover included. Shimano Part Number: Y4BB98050. Shipping Weight: 50g.

Shimano WH-R501 Rear Left Cone+Locknut

Fits Shimano WH-R501 rear wheel, non-drive side.

Shimano Part Number: Y4SK98060. Cone: M10 x 15mm. Spacer is 7.6mm thick. Locknut is 4mm thick. Weight: 33g.

Shimano WH-R501 Rear Right Cone+Locknut

Fits Shimano WH-R501 rear wheel.
Shimano Part Number: Y4SK98040. Cone Depth: 14mm. Weight: 24g.

Shimano WH-RS10 Rear Left Cone+Locknut

Replacement left cone, locknut, spacer & seal cap for Shimano rear wheel WH-RS10 (left side).

Shimano Part Number: Y4DV98100. Cone Thread: M10. Cone Depth: 15.2mm. Cone Diameter: 17mm. Dustcap Diameter: 19.2mm. Shipping Weight: 31g.

Shimano WH-RS10 Rear Right Cone+Locknut

Right cone and locknut from Shimano WH-RS10 rear wheel.

Shimano Part Number: Y4GE98380, or Y4EW98080, depending on your source of information... Shipping Weight: 16g. Cone Depth: 14.3mm.

Shimano WH-RS30 Rear Right Cone

Replacement cone with washer and locknut for Shimano WH-RS30 and WH-RS80 rear wheels (drive side).
Shimano Part Number: Y4EW98080. Shipping Weight: 24g.

Wheels Manufacturing Axle Spacers


Axle spacers in a range of thicknesses from 0.5mm to 5mm. Suitable for front or rear use.

Internal Diameter: 10mm. External Diameter: 15.7mm.

Wheels Mfg Cone R108 M10 x 12.5


Wheels Manufacturing Cone #108. Suits Shimano Rear Hubs FH-4400, FH-3300, WH-M535, WH-M540, WH-M550, WH-M560, WH-M561, WH-M580 (drive side). Also suits 1980's-era Suntour hubs, and, we expect, along with an axle of standard M10 thread, old Campagnolo hubs (1980s and earlier).

Thread: 10mm x 1mm (standard quick-release rear axle). Cone Depth: 12.5mm. Cone Diameter: 16.9mm.

This cone replaces Shimano Part Number Y3BH02100 - rear right cone M10 x 12.7mm, which is no longer available. The slight difference is depth (0.2mm) should present no problem).

Shimano SM-AX58 Axle E-Thru 142 x 12mm


E-Thru rear lever axle 142 x 12mm

Shimano WH-MT68-R12 Rear Axle Kit

This hub assembly can also be used on the following: Zee FH-M648, Deore FH-M618, SLX FH-M678, WH-MT66-R12-29

Shimano Part Number: Y3TL98010