Bicycle Helmets for Children

We list on this page helmets intended for children from about 4 years to about 8 years old. Head sizes vary greatly at any given age; smaller helmets can be found on our Infant's Helmets page, larger on our MTB Helmets page.

Azur T25 Helmet Doggies 46-50

Azur T25 Helmet Shark 46-50

Azur T25 Helmet Black Green 46-50

Azur Bantam Helmet Green 48-53

Azur Bantam Helmet Bublegum 48-53

Azur Bantam Helmet Pink Satin 48-53

Azur J35 Helmet Doggies 50-54

Azur J35 Helmet Shark 50-54

Azur J35 Helmet Black Green 50-54