Threaded Headsets

The traditional old-fashioned headset is the threaded 1" headset. Watch that the crown diameter is correct (dearer bikes used 26.4mm, most used 27mm). Also, old BMX bikes used a 1" thread and a 27mm crown but have larger cups to fit into a larger diameter head tube.

Headset Locknut Oversized Black

Alloy headset locknut for 1-1/8" threaded headsets. Black.

Fits 1-1/8" threads (28.6mm). Hole is for 25.4mm diameter quill stem shaft.

Weight: 8g.

Headset Threaded 1" / 27.0 Black

Suits 1" threaded fork with 27mm crown race seat diameter.

Cup outer diameter (where the cups insert into the head tube): 30mm. For stem shaft diameter of 22.2mm.

Lower Stack Height: 11mm. Upper Stack Height (excluding locknut but including lock washer): 16.2mm. Locknut Thread Depth: 8.5mm.

Weight: 139g.

Threaded Headset 1" Chrome

Suits 1" threaded fork with 27mm crown race seat diameter. Chrome plated.

Cup outer diameter (where it inserts into the head tube): 30mm. For stem shaft diameter of 22.2mm.

Weight: 130g.

Odyssey Headset BMX Dynatron 1"

The Dynatron shields protect the bearings and cones from damage caused by water and dirt.

Threaded headset. 26.4mm crown. For stem shaft diameter 21.1mm. For thread diameter 1" (25.4mm).  Cup outer diameter (where they insert into the head tube): 32.5mm.

Shipping Weight: 150g.