Gear Cables

Moruya Bicycles stocks quality gear cables and casings from Shimano, as well as a useful range of cable accessories, guides and adjusters. All available on-line as well as in-store.

Cable Stop Clamp 28.6mm

This is a double cable-stop that can be used for gear and/or brake cables. Stops and locates the casing; allows the inner cable through.

Internal Diameter: 28.6mm (to clamp onto 28.6mm frame tube).

Weight: 13g.

Cable Stop Clamp 31.8mm


This is a double cable-stop that can be used for gear and/or brake cables. Stops and locates the casing; allows the inner cable through.

Internal Diameter: 31.8mm (to clamp onto 31.8mm frame tube).

Weight: 14g.

Gear Cable O-Rings

cable donuts
Set of three O-rings to keep your gear (or brake) cables from making a noise against the frame.

Made to suit gear cables (1.2mm) but will also work fine on brake cables (1.5mm) - just a bit tighter.

Weight: 1g.

Inner Cable End Cap

Alloy cable end protector
Fits both brake and gear inner cables. Crimp it on the end to stop the cable fraying.
 Weight: 1g.

Jagwire Gear Inner Cable Stainless


Top quality stainless steel inner cable suitable for all shifting systems.

Head is suitable for Shimano and Campagnolo shifters. Length: 2275mm.

Jagwire Gear Inner Cable Tandem


3050mm long cable for tandems.

1.2mm diameter (standard gear) diameter. 

Weight: 25g.

Jagwire SIS Outer Casing 4mm Black

Per Metre

Indexed gear specific cable casing. Parallel wires to prevent compression. Inner liner for low friction.

Weight (per metre): 30g.

Shimano SM-SP18 BB Gear Cable Guide

Bottom bracket cable guide for standard (English or Euro) bottom brackets.

Adjustable position - move the washer from one hole to the other to adjust the position by about 7mm.

Weight: 3g.

Shimano CJ-S700 Cassette Joint Unit

Replacement Cassette Joint Unit for Shimano Alfine S700 11-Speed Hub.
Shimano Part Number: Y72A98010. Weight: 60g.

Shimano Gear Inner Cable Stainless

Our default replacement gear cable in our workshop - high quality, good value.

Length: 2000mm Diameter: 1.2mm. Weight: 15g.

Shimano Gear Outer Cap SP40

SIS SP end cap
40c each if you buy 10 or more, 30c each if you buy 100 or more.
For use with Shimano SP-41 casing and any other SIS gear casing with a 4mm outer diameter.

These are the non-sealed end caps, which we prefer to use in the workshop. They give the most free cable movement. Cap inner diameter: 4mm. Cap outer diameter: 6mm. Weight: 1g.

Shimano Gear Outer Cap XTR

Shimano end cap for keeping the muck out of the rear derailleur casing (chainstay mounted casing stop).
 Weight: 1g.

Shimano Inner Cable End Cap 1.6mm (x100)


Inner cable end cap designed for brake cables (1.6mm diameter) but also perfectly suitable for gear cables (1.2mm diameter).

Weight: 37g.

Shimano SG-S700 Outer Receiver Unit

Replacement cable receiver for Shimano Alfine 11-speed hub SG-S700.
Shimano Part Number: Y6TV98060. Weight: 7g.

Shimano SM-CA70 In-Line Cable Adjusters


In-line gear cable adjusters.

Weight: 10g. Shipping Weight: 36g.

Shimano SM-CS50 STI Cable Stops

These fit onto the old style down-tube gear lever bosses and allow you to use STI gear levers.
 Weight: 22g.

Shimano SP41 SIS Casing Black

$6 per metre for 10 metres or more; $4 per metre for 50 metres or more.

Continuous length casing - order the length/s you want. You'll need SIS specific cable cutters to cut this casing at home. And yes, you can order in units of less than a metre - decimal quantities OK.

Weight: 61g per metre.

YPK Micky Adjusting Kit Steel

We've found it! At last we have a way of adding a barrel adjuster for fine brake adjustments to bikes that have somehow overlooked this in their design.

The Micky adjusters are designed to insert into your frame's brake-cable stops (they have a nifty couple of protrusions to prevent the female part from turning when you're making adjustments) but can also be used as an inline adjuster. One side will work with the brake casing endcap used; the other without the endcap.

Kit contains two of the pictured adjusters.