Gear Cables

Moruya Bicycles stocks quality gear cables and casings from Shimano, as well as a useful range of cable accessories, guides and adjusters. All available on-line as well as in-store.

Cable Stop Clamp 28.6mm

Cable Stop Clamp 31.8mm

cable donuts

Gear Cable O-Rings

Alloy cable end protector

Inner Cable End Cap

Jagwire Gear Inner Cable Stainless

Jagwire Gear Inner Cable Tandem

Per Metre

Jagwire SIS Outer Casing 4mm Black

Shimano SM-SP18 BB Gear Cable Guide

Shimano CJ-S700 Cassette Joint Unit

Shimano Gear Inner Cable Stainless

SIS SP end cap

Shimano Gear Outer Cap SP40

Shimano Gear Outer Cap XTR

Shimano Inner Cable End Cap 1.6mm (x100)

Shimano SM-CA70 In-Line Cable Adjusters

Shimano SM-CS50 STI Cable Stops

Shimano SP41 SIS Casing Black

YPK Micky Adjusting Kit Steel