Shock Mount Hardware

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Shock Mount Hardware Table (for shocks using 1/2" bush)


Most mount kits now (Fox 5-piece kits; Racing Bros TCA kits and Enduro Needle Rollers) don't use the DU Bush.

Check the Frame Spacing, measure the diameter of the mounting bolt, and our stock codes for the suitable items we stock, with hyperlinks to those items on this page, appear in the relevant cell.

The frame spacing is the internal width of the shock-mount positions in the frame, or the external width of the shock mounts when still inserted in the shock.

The tools needed for installation of the mount hardware appear on this page also. Please note that Fox 5-piece mount hardware sets and the similar Racing Bros TCA mount hardware sets need no tools for installation or removal.

 Frame Spacing

with M6 Bolt

with M8 Bolt

   2-piece  Needle Roller  Fox 5pc  TCA  Ultralight  Needle Roller  Fox 5pc  TCA  Ultralight
 15.7 mm            1064      
 19 mm                1578  1133 + 0365
 22 mm  951 + 365  0230  1135  1501    0230  1131    
 23.2 mm                0940  
 23.4 mm            2331      
 25.4 mm            2332      
 30.0 mm        1644        1883  
 40.0 mm            2188      
 40.6 mm          2297