Car Bike Carrier Accessories

Protect your bike while it's on the roof of your car, or protect your car while your bike is in it.

Bike Carrier Conversion Bar QR

A conversion bar to suit more than standard bikes - will cope with most new bikes with threadless head systems. Quick Release attachment for easy use.

If using an adaptor bar for dirt road driving we'd recommend additional tying down of the bikes to stop them bouncing around: the bike hangs from its adaptor bar but can be wiggled about much more using one than if it is attached directly to the bike carrier. Weight: 1.061kg.

Buzz Rack Number Plate Holder

The Buzz Rack number plate holder straps onto the outermost bike on your bike rack and plugs into your trailer plug (flat-7 plug) to display your bike rack number plate and also to provide an extra set of brake and indicator lights.

The board is made of a surprisingly flexible plastic; it will bend as you want it to achieve a reasonable fit to the bike.

Shipping Weight: 1.1kg.

Fork Bike Mount Q/R 9mm

Versatile bike hitch. Attaches just about anywhere to hold the fork of the bicycle. On the roof rack, in a ute tray, on the front wall of a ute tray, on the back step of a camper van...

Attaches with two 6mm bolts & nuts (supplied). Comes with extra strong 9mm skewer.

Weight: 422g.

Park DH-1 Dummy Hub

Also called a sleeping hub, the DH-1 slides into the rear drive-side dropout and replaces the rear wheel for chain cleaning and transport.
The DH-1 works with all bicycle chains. The unique design allows the gears to bechanged and works with open dropout and thru-axle frames up to 12mm.

Thule Lock LA 544 (Keyed Alike)

Set of 4 Thule key barrels keyed alike.
Shipping Weight: 146g.

Tie Down Strap

60cm strap to help secure bikes on the bike rack.
20mm wide strap. Weight: 10g.