Roof-Mounted Car Bike Carriers

The roof is probably the best place to carry a bike on a car as it's out of the dust, but it's NOT a good place if you forget the bikes are there and drive into the garage or under a tree...

Fork Bike Mount Q/R 9mm

Versatile bike hitch. Attaches just about anywhere to hold the fork of the bicycle. On the roof rack, in a ute tray, on the front wall of a ute tray, on the back step of a camper van...

Attaches with two 6mm bolts & nuts (supplied). Comes with extra strong 9mm skewer.

Weight: 422g.

Yakima FrontLoader Roof Carrier

Easy to fit, easy to use and easy on your bike. The Yakima FrontLoader is a staff favourite at Moruya Bicycles
Universal fit to most kinds of crossbars, including aerodynamic factory bars, makes the FrontLoader Yakima's most versatile roof rack bike mount ever. It goes right from the box onto your car roof rack, tnd then to a very special place in your heart.

Fork Bike Mount 15mm to 9mm Q/R

Pro Series fork bike mount adapter 15mm to 9mm QR
This 9mm-15mm fork block adapter slots into your old school 9mm Roof or Tray Fork Block so you can carry your new 15mm XC or Enduro Bike
Strong, reliable and convenient
Is suitable for any 15mm Suspension Fork Bike