Avid Disc Brakes and Spares

For Avid disc brake pads, click here.

If you need a replacement rotor, you can also choose from our range of Shimano rotors.

Avid DB1 Disc Brake Black Front

Replacement brake for Elixir model.
Features flip flop design so it can be used as left or right lever.

Avid DOT Assembly Grease 1oz

To keep your disc brake pistons moving freely, this is the lube to use.

NOTE: This grease is designed for brakes that use brake fluid; do not use on Shimano brakes, which use mineral oil instead of brake fluid.

Weight: 55g.

Avid Juicy Hose Barb

avid hose barb
A hose barb and olive is needed to shorten Avid Juicy brake lines. This hose barb has a thread and a Torx (T10) head so it is screwed rather than pushed or hammered into the hydraulic line.

Avid Part Number 11.5311.556.000

Weight: 1g.

Avid Mount Adaptor Rear IS 185mm


Rear disc mount adaptor for Avid Caliper, 185mm rotor, IS frame mounts.

Avid Part Number 00.5315.012.010 Weight: 31g.

SRAM Matchmaker Pair Clamps


Clean up your handlebar space by integrating SRAM trigger shifters (or even RockShox PushLoc) with Avid disc brake levers.


Compatible with all 2 bolt Avid split clamp brake levers.

SRAM Item number: 00.5315.006.000

Shipping weight: 68g

SRAM Avid MMX Matchmaker Clamp pair


Bring your SRAM and Avid shifters and brakes into 1 integrated clamp per side.


25g each clamp

Shipping weight: 88g